Why do we need a registered Residents Association?

A registered Residents Association (RA) is able to operate legally under Malaysian law. It is bound by a set of rules and is held accountable for its actions. Negotiations that take place with the developer will be taken more seriously. When essential services like security and maintenance are to be run by the residents in future, the registered RA takes on the primary role.

Why join the GCROA?

There is power in unity; there is power in an association.

The more members the more weight residents will have in dealing with the developer. GCROA represents its members not only in matters of security and maintenance but in any significant issue that concerns residents.

Join GCROA today and together we can help shape the way we want to enjoy our time in Glenmarie Cove. Besides having a say and keeping up to date with the happenings in our neighbourhood, you can take part in various fun and social activities organized by the social representatives.

Y0u can  download the application form to join the GCROA  from the box.net widget in this blog.

Please contact your street representative if you wish to join the GCROA or if you need any clarification or explanation.

Welcome to the “FAMILY”.


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