AGM Minutes

Minutes of Annual General Meeting of Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Association (GCROA) held on Sunday 8th February 2015 at The Heron

Meeting commenced at 3.15pm with the President announcing that in line with the rules of GCROA a quorum has now formed for the meeting to commence.

In Attendance:  Attendance list attached


  1. To receive and adopt the minutes of the previous annual general meeting (AGM)\

The President asked the meeting if there were any matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.  There being no matters the minutes were adopted.

Proposed by :MS Sim Ying

Seconded by: Mr Rama Menon

  1. To receive and adopt the committee’s report on the working of the Association during the previous year.

The President outlined the work undertaken by the committee the previous years and all the    frustrations with poor response from the developer in addressing the many outstanding matters.  He said that at joint meetings of GCROA committee and management many promises are made but these are not followed through with action from management.

The President said the committee understood the frustration of the residents when they see     many outstanding matters including repairs to infrastructure such as lighting and problems with the lagoons not being addressed.

A member said that with the increase in the maintenance fee there has been no increase in maintenance efforts by management and in fact he felt that things had deteriorated. Several members agreed with this and some commented that they were thinking of withholding their maintenance fees.  The President replied that he would not blame anyone who took this action.

The committee’s report was adopted by a show of hands

Proposed by: Mr Adam Paruzel

Seconded by: Dr Harrichandran

  1. To receive and adopt the Treasurers report and audited accounts of the Association for the previous year.

The President summarised the accounts and informed the meeting that GCROA had  received a grant of RM10,000 for the Registrar of Societies for the purpose of improving security at    Glenmarie Cove (GC).  The committee had agreed to use some of this money to install the poles at the main entrance to enable the new security system to be installed and used. The  option was for the GC management to request this to be paid for by the developer.  Having  considered the length of time this would take, bearing in mind the developers financial  systems it was decided to use some of these monies and then seek reimbursement from the developer.  He informed the meeting that GCROA were still waiting for the money to be reimbursed.

The President that the item marked ‘other income’ in the accounts referred to a donation of  RM2000 for the Family Day.

The accounts were adopted by a show of hands

Proposed by Mr Rama Menon

Seconded by Dr Thomas Abraham

  1. To appoint auditors for a period of two years

There being no nominations Mr Johann Foo and Mr Gerhard Poel volunteered to be internal  auditors for a period of two years


To elect committee members for a two year period


The President informed the meeting that as there had been ten nominations, which was       below the maximum number of committee members allowed under the GCROA rules there  was no need for voting for individual members and the committee could be elected en-block.


There being no objections all ten nominations were elected to the committee.


Mr. Mike Burnett said as there was a vacancy in the committee he would like to volunteer to   be a committee members.  Mr Burnett was duly elected.


Proposed by: Mr Jeff Harris

Seconded by: Mr Santok Singh


A list of the new committee members is attached.





  1. To Transact any other matter for which a seven day notice in writing has been given.


  1. i) Adoption of a community project to improve children’s play areas, including the badminton and basketball courts and the playgrounds. Also clean up rock at the edge of the river front and other areas (Gotong Royong). This will involve recruiting volunteers and obtaining donations of materials, and assistance from residents in the building trade.


Proposed by Ms Sharmila Senin


The Secretary said that the proposer was not able to attend the AGM but that Ms Senin had    explained the reasons behind the proposal to him which was for children at GC to have good  facilities as the current badminton court had been neglected and needed upgrading and the area where children played football becomes a muddy pitch every time it rained.

The idea of cleaning up the river front was to make GC a more enjoyable environment for all.  He said that he did not think the developer will be interested in undertaking this work as it had  many other tasks to complete.

A member said that the current facilities were not being fully utilised and questioned the need for any new facilities.  The President said that for a proper badminton, a hall will have to be built because of the wind.


The Secretary asked any interested party who was willing to help either to contact him or Ms Senin directly.


The proposal was adopted.


  1. ii) To adopt an enthic breakdown of the committee


Proposed by Dato Dr Rahmathu Bahai Begum


The Vice President said that people need to put themselves up for election to the committee    and the committee cannot force resident to join the committee.  He said looking at the current and new committee not many people volunteer.

Dr Thomas asked what difference a persons ethnicity made to the job to be undertaken.

Dat Rahmathu said that it was just a proposal that the meeting needed to discuss and decide   upon.  Dr Thomas said that since there had been no complaints about the ethnicity of   committee members this was a good sign and the committee should be continued to be elected in accordance with the rules.

The Secretary pointed out that the committee was able to second people on to sub committees etc.  This could be a way of getting a good ethnic mix, but this again depended on people from different ethnic committees volunteering in the first place. The president pointed out that the committee could not easily change the rules as any rule changes had to be agreed by the Registrar of Societies.  He proposed that the meeting votes on the proposal to change the rules as suggested by Dato Rahmathu. This Proposal was seconded by Dr Thomas


In favour of above rule change  1

Against rule change   22



Iii)  To petition GCD for a rain cover roof at card readers, double speed bumps and drainage improvements


Proposed by Dato Dr Rahmathu Bahia Begum


The President asked if this was feasible because of a lack of space at the entrance.  He said that it was a good idea but will need to be seen if it can be done bearing in mind high sided vehicles may need entry to GC, like fire engines.  Most of the members said it was a good     idea and that most gated communities had these shelters. Mr Roy Lee said that this issue was raised some two and a half years ago, with management, but nothing has been done   since. He also pointed out that in future the entry gate to GC will be at Precinct 4 and some work had already been done in this respect.

Mr Burnett asked for a time line for this work to be completed.  Roy Lee explained that the committee had been given various time lines for completion but non of these had materialised   and he would not give much credence to any time line given management.  The President   said that one of the problems with any work being undertaken at GCD is he poor payment by the developer to its contractors.  This results in contractors not returning to complete work   until they have been paid by the developer and results in long delays in even completing simple tasks.  Mr Burnett said that the time scale did not matter as long as management would share their plans with the residents.  The president explained that the committee has at various times asked that the residents be consulted about any developments but this seems to fall on deaf ears, and managements attitude seems to be that it is no business of residents and the management will do what they have to do in line with their own plans. A resident asked if the residents could pay for the road to be built and that ask the developer to reimburse the residents. The President said that the building of the road would cost millions and that he did not think we will be very successful in getting any reimbursement from the developer, going by the developers past record.


With reference to double speed bumps some residents wanted to know if this was for the main road (Telok Gong Road) or inside.  Dato Rahmathu said this was for inside GC, to stop people speeding. Opinion was divided as to if this was a good idea, as some residents felt there was no need for any humps at all.  After some discussion it was left to the new committee to discuss this issue.


The proposal to improve drainage was supported by all residents. The President said that management needed to organise its maintenance staff so that leaves were collected more     regularly, as this was one of the causes of drain blockages and flooding. Roy Lee said that the committee will put this issue on the agenda for the next joint GCROA committee and     management meeting.


The President asked if there were any other matters which residents wished to raise. A resident raised the issue of payment of maintenance fees, he said that the fees had been increased but there has been no improvement in the service provided. He said that the club  house is in a terrible state and work to rectify short comings is not being undertaken. The President explained that this was partly as a result the developer/management not paying the    contractor in a timely fashion, thus the contractors refuse to to do any further work until their     bills are settled.  He said this also applied to the security company, which had recently threatened to withdraw its services as their bills had not been paid for several months.  The resident asked why the developer/management were not using the fees the residents pay to settle their contractors/suppliers bills.  Roy Lee said that this issue had been discussed with management many times and their standard answer seems to be there is a problem at head office.  He continued that there has been several changes of management at GC and these usually start of on a positive note with many promises made to improve service provided but quickly goes downhill.


Mr Lee said that following the meeting with the latest manager he was more positive that things would improve, but cautioned and said time will tell.


The Secretary reminded the meeting that MPK are responsible for a number of maintenance items at GC, including Maintenance of most of the roads, cutting and sweeping the grass verges and collection of garden refuse. MPK have failed to provide a good service, particularly on the last item, and residents should complain directly to MPK regarding this issue. Particularly as we all pay Assessment to cover these services.


A resident suggested that maintenance fee payment should be stopped until management   shows there is an improvement in services they provide.  Mr Burnett said that the

second option was to take legal action.  Roy Lee replied that management view was that they were providing a basic service which they had promised.  Roy said that the management are   of the opinion that any breakdowns, repairs should be charged to the residents, this despite management collecting maintenance fee. The president informed the meeting that at a meeting with management on 31st January, all outstanding issues regarding repairs and maintenance were discussed and management gave a time line when these would be completed. This will be monitored by the new committee. He said that for the first time management shared financial information but the figures made no sense, but the new manager has committed to providing figures by March 2015.


A resident proposed that if management do not supply the committee with the budget figures by 31st march residents should stop paying their maintenance fee.  After some discussion the  following proposal was put to the meeting for resolution.


‘That if GCD Management do not complete all outstanding work/repairs as shown on the list   provided by GCROA by 31st March all members are advised to stop maintenance payments”


The proposal was carried unanimously.


The Secretary said that the one item that will not be completed by March 31st is the removal of mud in the lagoons, as GCD have informed us that this is a job that will need to be assessed by contractors to come up with the best proposal for rectification. It was agreed that this item will not be included in the above proposal but GCD must give a firm proposal for completion of the work by 31st March.


The Presidents thanked the residents and the committee for their support to him as the President for the past two years and invited the newly elected President and committee to take their place at the front of the meeting.


The Vice President thanked Johan for all his hard work on the committee.  He said that with the current level of fee payment management should be able to complete all outstanding maintenance work, except for work on the lagoons and Precinct 4 road.  He said the committee will continue to circulate all committee and joint committee /management meeting minutes and hoped that resident would give the committee their feed back.


There being no other matters the meeting closed at 4.15pm





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