AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Association (GCROA) held on Saturday 26 March 2016 at The Heron Clubhouse

The Meeting commenced at 3.15pm with the Secretary announcing that in line with the rules of GCROA a quorum had formed for the meeting to commence.

In Attendance: Attendance list attached

  •  To receive and adopt the minutes of the previous annual general meeting (AGM):

The Secretary asked the meeting if there were any matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.  There being no matters the minutes were adopted.

Proposed by: Mr Albert Mok
Seconded by: Mr Robert Chua

  1.  To receive and adopt the Committee’s report on the working of the Society during the previous year:

The President outlined the work undertaken by the Committee in the previous year and the lack of response from the developer in addressing the many outstanding maintenance issues.  

Negotiations were in hand for the proposed takeover by the Committee on behalf of all Residents of the maintenance and security services, the targeted date being effectively 1st May 2016.

It was proposed that the Committee, through a Management Company, would self-manage the activities as opposed to a takeover.  In order to address this effectively, there would need to be a minimum 80% – 85% collection rate of the charges. This assumption is based on past collection rate achieved against the current budgetary costing.

The Committee, at a recent meeting with Glenmarie Cove Development (GCD), proposed that it should start with a ‘clean slate’, would not take over the overall liabilities and that the current major outstanding maintenance issues would continue to be the responsibility of the developer for them to address.

The Clubhouse would not be passed over as the land belongs to GCD.

GCD had agreed to provide a full list of the Residents but this was currently awaited.

A Management Company, Armada Management Services, would be appointed who would act as Administrator and Manager.  They would be responsible for the invoicing and collection of the monthly charges and address the maintenance issues.  There would be a permanent Manager and onsite Administrator, at the Clubhouse.

The current security company would be retained.  Guards will be required for P1 & P2 only, with a total of 9 guards on site.  GCD will be responsible for the guards at the first gate and the Sri Santai area.

There will be full time maintenance workers on site.

The President explained that the committees have decided that the subscription fees shall remain at status quo given the current sentiment of residents on the state of the community condition. The President indicated that the current monthly charges are based on a 2013 Budget and could potentially prove challenging in the absence of periodic or timely review of the budget going forward. It is proposed and unanimously agreed that an upfront three (3) months of subscription fees to be collected in order to ‘kick-start’ the services as at 1st May 2016.

The President explained that currently there is no provision of Sinking Fund, and consideration has to be taken for the long term requirement of the community in respect of major expenditure which would put a strain on the budget. It is unanimously agreed by members present in the AGM that a sinking fund provision must be in place for such eventualities. The quantum of the sinking fund shall be decided at a later date and proposed to members for approval before implementation.

  1.  To receive and adopt the Treasurer’s Report on the audited accounts of the Society for the previous year:

Mr Choo Weng Keong read out the Income and Expenses Statement which indicated a deficit for the year to 31 December 2015 of Rm445.74.  The Balance Sheet, as at that date, was solvent to the tune of Rm16443.87.

The audited accounts were accepted.

  1.  To discuss the following changes to the GCROA Rules, proposed by the Committee:

Rule 4. Membership

  1. Membership will be open to and will include all owners of property at Glenmarie Cove, on a one member per household basis.
  2. Membership shall cease immediately upon a person ceasing to be an owner or resident at Glenmarie Cove.

Rule 5. Entrance Fees, Subscriptions and other dues.

  1. There shall be no joining fee and no annual membership fee.
  2. The GCROA Committee shall collect subscriptions from owners for services provided to the community. The level of these subscriptions will be decided at an AGM or EGM and shall be notified to individual house owners.

The reasons for the above rule changes were explained to the meeting by the Secretary. A vote was taken with the result that all attending were in favour.

Therefore the new wording for Rule 4 and Rule 5 was adopted.

  1.  Items:

Resolution One

Under the terms of the Deed of Mutual Covenants signed by Glenmarie Cove House Owners and the Vendor, Glenmarie Cove Development SDN BHD shall provide Security Services and Maintenance Services to house owners as described in the DMC, for a period of time specified in the DMC. It is proposed that these services will now be taken over and run by GCROA, under the same conditions set out in the DMC. A professional Management Company will be engaged to manage these services.  Monthly charges at takeover will be unchanged.

In favour – unanimous
Against – none

Item Two – approval of a Sinking Fund:

In favour – unanimous
Against – none

Item Four – selection of new and replacement committee members: N/A

Item Five – AOB:

It was proposed by Mr Canry Leow, that as per the resolution passed at the 2015 AGM that residents should stop paying the monthly charges to GCD due to their lack of maintenance, that this should be re-voted in by the members of GCROA.  The motion was seconded by Joyce.  The President pointed out that this was now not a major issue as the proposed take over was imminent i.e. 1 May.

By a show of hands, those in favour to pay – 19; against paying – 10.

There being no other matters, the meeting closed at 5.00pm

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