Notice of EGM

Dear Members,

In light of current ongoing discussion with GCD on the matter of the handing over of the security and maintenance services to the residents to manage themselves, and after enquiries made at all relevant authorities with regards to the appropriate entity to establish, the committee finds that we would need to register a private limited company (Sendirian Berhad) to lawfully managed our community needs.

In consideration to this, the constitution of GCROA has to be amended to enable the association to register a company. Members’ votes are required for this amendment to proceed.

The committee hereby gives notice that an EGM be held on Sunday, 6th December 2015 at the Heron clubhouse. Registration of attendance shall commence at 6.30 pm and the EGM shall begin at 7.00 pm.

All matters related to this exercise will be discussed in the EGM before the call to vote.

The committee strongly urge members to attend this EGM due to the importance of this exercise has, going forward.

Thank you.

Roy Lee

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