Minutes of the meeting between Glenmarie Cove Management (GCD) and

Glenmarie Cove Residents’ & Owners’ Association (GCROA)

held at Sri Santai on 10th September 2015 starting 15.00



Roy Lee – RL

Jeff Harris – JH

K T Phan – KTP

Parminder Singh – PS

Choo Wee Chong – CW


Ashraf B. Othman – AO

Bala – BA

Guna – GU

Zamri Yusof – ZY

Elaine – EL

AO informed the attendees that this was the first meeting between the current GCROA committee representatives and GCD Management. He stated that the primary subject was to be a discussion on the accounts relating to Security and Maintenance charges but apologised to the meeting that representatives from the GCD Accounts Department could not be present due to last minute changes of plan at head office.

However, AO presented detailed accounts covering the last three years up until March 2015, and these accounts were reviewed and discussed. AO pointed out despite the fact that collection had averaged 80 to 85 %; expenditure exceeded income quite substantially each year and indicated that it would require an increase of 43 to 45 % average of current fees to meet this deficit.

RL questioned a number of items of expenditure that were significantly higher than the budgeted figures agreed between the two parties prior to the last increase in Security and Maintenance charges. RL also pointed out the contentious water charges as stated in the account which should not be charged to the residents account when it should be treated as development expenditure. RL contention is that responsibility of public infrastructure within the development should be with GCD until such time these are handed over to the relevant local authority, thus any costs incurred due to untimely repair must not be borne by residents. AO recognised that some of these charges were unreasonable and stated that progress had already been made on reducing certain expenses such as staffing costs, and added that he was not currently suggesting an increase in fees. He proposed that the accounts should be reviewed over the next two months at fortnightly meetings between the GCD accounts group and the GCROA Committee, and a budget should be prepared that is acceptable to both parties. The first of these meetings is scheduled for Friday 2nd October. This new budget, when agreed, will be circulated to all residents.

JH mentioned that the format of billing residents, with a low (RM 90.00) fee for Security and a much higher fee for Maintenance does not make any sense, as the accounts that were presented show that the largest expenditure is on security charges. Many residents are unhappy with this format. RL presented the costing of expenditure done in 2013 that resulted in the current fees structure which in essence supersedes the old allocation of RM90.00 security fee. AO replied that he will review the billing format and this issue will be resolved concurrently during the fortnightly meeting between GCD accounts group and GCROA committee.

RL stated that the number of security guard now employed is higher than originally agreed and asked why GCROA are not informed and consulted for this increase and the justification given the fact that these additional costs would be borne by the residents. BA confirmed the number as 14 in the daytime and thirteen at night, total 27 a day. However 3 of these guards are charged to GCD, so the number charged to residents are 24 as originally specified. AO then instructed BA to arrange for a security briefing by the security vendor on our next meeting on this matter.

RL also re-stated that GCROA is unhappy with the operation of Gate A, noting in recent time increasing frequency of cars being allowed to pass through this gate that contravene  the existing security SOP and questioned whether drivers are being checked by the guards. AO instructed BA to prepare a letter to be sent to all residents, reminding them that Gate A is only to be used in specific circumstances and that incorrect usage poses a security risk to them and their neighbourhood.

AO stated that the new access road past P4 is delayed awaiting the final inspection and handing over the pipeline connecting the water tower to the existing main pipeline at P2 to Syabas. This pipeline will pass under the new road.  However the water tower has been handed over to Syabas.  The road is targeted to complete by the end of 2015, but will only be operational when perimeter fence is constructed to secure the area and card readers and the cabling are installed at P4 entry and exit. Contracts for the fencing and security equipment have not yet been awarded at this point in time.

PS stated that the grounds near his house in P2 are in a deplorable state, overgrown with grass and weeds, and the P3 lagoon is completely overgrown. AO informed the meeting that MPK have recently adopted a larger area of GC, including the river front next to P1, P2 lagoon and the children’s play area there. The new MPK contractor seems to be maintaining these areas quite well so far. AO noted and acknowledge that the area stated by PS still remains under the responsibility of GCD and instruct GU to look into this matter and make improvement in the near future.

CW added that the drainage in P2 is very poor due to a build up of leaves and that the entrance road floods every time we have heavy rain.

RL noted that the river bank area in front of P2 lagoon is subject to severe erosion and that the next very high tide in two week time is liable to make this situation much worse. RL highlighted the current ad-hoc measures taken so far serves to halter the damage for a few months but created and exacerbate the erosion more than before those measures were done. AO instructed GU to look into this situation as a matter of urgency. RL also mentioned the substandard repair of a suspected leakage of the IWK pipeline at Damar Laut 3 which has a potential of becoming a sink hole and appreciate AO undertaking to follow-up with the authority concerned on this.

AO introduced a major topic regarding the operation of Security and Maintenance at GC. He stated that senior GCD management are in favour of handing over services to residents and that he wanted the joint GCD/GCROA group to work toward this goal, with a target date of first quarter 2016. The completion of an acceptable budget should be the first step.

RL welcomed this proposal, as most residents seem to be in favour, and asked if GCD would make available the complete list of residents contact details for billing purposes. EL stated that GCD will be agreeable to this, provided that GCROA take full responsibility of the security and maintenance of the community and not partial undertaking. To the question of legality and binding obligations of the DMC raised by JH, she stated that as long as this transfer is official executed the DMC can effectively be transferred to GCROA or a new residents group, so that it should not be necessary to make any new agreement regarding security and maintenance charges. On the issue of ownership status of the clubhouse, AO states that eventually this will be handed over to GCROA.

It was agreed that both parties will work together on the hand over proposal and that a proposed management company can be involved in the discussions.

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