Water Supply Disruption

There is a notice stuck on the access card reader on the way in that warns of a disruption in water supply due to urgent repairs to a leak in a pipe. I believe this leak has been ongoing for some time.

GCD thinks a notice stuck on the reader is the best way to inform residents. I wonder how many drivers will stop to read it. And then it gets dark ……

The disruption begins at 7:00 AM on 10th July (tomorrow morning) and is expected to go on for 24 36 hours. Do save a bucket or two.

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2 Responses to Water Supply Disruption

  1. rlshawnie says:

    Firstly the disruption is not 24 hours, it’s 36 hours as stated from 7 am on the 10th july until 7 pm on 11th july.
    Secondly the wording “urgent water leakage” is misleading since this leakage has been around (to my knowledge) from January this year at least….
    So why give notice for less than 24 hours for the water disruption when the “urgency” was dragged for so long.
    Personally I don’t have issue with the notice period cause my water usage is relatively low as compare to others with large households……

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