Plan B Needs You!

Plan B is a plan for the residents to take charge of their requirements in terms of security and maintenance services.

The TSS episode is over although many are still unhappy about their loss of the best security ever in the history of Glenmarie Cove. Mind you a lot more could have been done by TSS but they couldn’t do so as the directive from GCD was not forthcoming.

Maintenance as I see it is not in good shape. Someone had dumped some rubbish bags in front of Seri Santai  a couple of nights ago. But the Swiss guy swears he was not responsible even though he threatened GCD that he will do that. I trust my old Swiss friend so I hope the person who did that will own up to get a badge.

Suzannee Lee Das has formulated a poll over at the community’s FaceBook presence. There are 162 members in the FB group yet there are only 50 votes todate. Plan B needs you. The GCROA who will be the facilitator for this plan needs to have your backing before they start their approach. The community must show the developer that it is unified. So please get over there and vote. The Sedition Act does not apply so why the hesitation?

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  1. mwee2014 says:

    According to Roy (GCROA president) currently there are insufficient votes to enact Plan B. Best let him explain why this is the case. I believe the problem is the difficulty in contacting all the residents and convincing them of Plan B. Without the majority of GC residents voting for Plan B, it is dead on the water.

    • Nearly all those the Committee and the Street reps managed to engage with are in favor of Plan B. The very few who have not given their outright endorsement are adopting a wait and see attitude.

      The numbers who couldn’t be reached is quite high but GCD is not about to hand the contact details to the Committee willy nilly. I have suggested that we hold an informal meeting to keep this project alive and listen to what folks who live here have to say.

      In the meantime we just have to keep to our conviction that we do not pay until the bills are clarified and the shortcomings are attended to. After that there is still the concern that GCD will drop the ball again and things are back to square one. History does not favor GCD. We have given them the benefit of the doubt before and it will be difficult to do that again. So if we cannot trust GCD, what other alternative is there?

      The day of reckoning will arrive. Either the Residents or GCD will break.

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  2. C Leow says:

    What happen to the Plan B?

  3. mwee2014 says:

    Can we also have an option for the Undecided/Abstainers? They could be that because they don’t really understand what Plan B entails. At least we know how many have voted if we have numbers for the Yeas and Naes and Undecided/Abstainers. We can then go out and convince them of the merits of Plan B. A true democracy should include all in my opinion.

    • I called for more people to vote in Suzanne’s poll as I wanted to encourage the Committee to go forward with Plan B. I think it can be useful to know the number fence sitters out there but there is really no need to tinker with it. The poll is fine.

      Encouraged by your harping on the matter of the ‘undecideds’, I have looked deeper and must confess I do not know how to interpret the results of this poll. I am always mindful of this quotation Mark Twain attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, a 19th century British Prime Minister. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

      The current results show X are in favour and no one is against. Did only those in favour bothered to vote (yes) while those who are not won’t even click the ‘No’ butang? So let’s quickly get to the bottom line: the only poll that matters is the one from the ‘ballot paper’ signed by the owners after reading the details from the Committee and the meeting of all residents. There are a host of matters the Committee needs to grapple with. The issues are not new and last dealt with in 2013 but reevaluation is needed. Doctor Wee, please be patient. The details WILL emerge soon if the Committee is still keen on the idea.

      In essence, Plan B is replacing one management company (GCD) with another to do what residents would expect GCD to have done but they have not. But GCD has rights under the Deed of Mutual Covenants with every purchaser hence GCD must agree to be sacked. They have vested interests because P3, 4 and 5 have a long way to go. One would expect P1 and P2 to be in sterling condition, as a sales tool, but facts seem to be stranger than fiction. So there will be important issues to iron out which can only be done by first getting to the table.

      Be aware that GCD had intimated their desire for control on a longer term basis. Go to the 1st February, 2015, blog posting titled “So many things to do …..” and then link to a list of outstanding maintenance issues that GCD needed to fulfill. On page 3 of the list, I had highlighted the following question and answer which portends, for me, that self-management may not be an easy sail for GCD.

      However, the hurdles are not insurmountable.

      • mwee2014 says:

        I am patient and I also have patients. It is true that I am a doctor and I am also a prof. With regards to Plan B, I appreciate that this can be delicate with negotiations and processes to be followed. When I write, I believe I write on behalf of the residents who may not be as vocal as myself. I do not write in criticism but as a positive contribution to the discussion. If other residents have contributed to some of the points I make, I would be delighted but alas the evidence does not point to this. I am also conscious that I live more than 8000 miles away which is a disadvantage as I can only write and not physically help with GCROA’s efforts but a distinct advantage because I am physically out of reach of anybody who might be irritated and decide to swing me one. But on a serious note, if the residents think that I should not speak my mind so often due to the fact that I don’t physically live in GC (not yet anyway), I would be more than happy to oblige.

        • mwee2014 says:

          Now to the question of the poll. GCROA has a mandate to push for Plan B if it has the support of residents i.e. majority voting for Plan B. The reason I ask to include the Don’t Knows or Undecided or Abstainers is because they are also a voice which we can persuade to vote for Plan B rather than the status quo which is GCD management. The latter has proven to be inadequate in terms of failure to keep the best security we have ever had i.e. TSS and also failure of proper maintenance of Phases 1 and 2.

          If you know the numbers who voted Yes and No and Undecided, then you have the proportions to make the calculations. The reason you need the undecided vote is two fold. Firstly, you have a chance to change their mind by giving them more info about Plan B vs GCD but if they are still undecided that info is still important. After a time period, the Yes + No + Undecided = Total polled. From that you can calculate the percentage of the residents for Plan B by dividing the Yes votes against the Total Polled. Without the undecided you have no idea of how many residents you have polled and therefore, you cannot arrive to a percentage. GCD can use this as an excuse to ignore your poll.

          But, but, it is not as simple as that (if only). There are also owners who are absent and their properties left empty. What do you do with these people? If you can demonstrate that you have attempted to contact them and they have not replied, then you can legitimately say that they are not interested in participating. That being the case, you can leave them out of the calculations legitimately (because they have not voted for any options). This will then give you the total denominator (i.e. number of residents who have been contacted and decided to vote one way or the other or Total Polled). With the denominator and the number of Yes votes (numerator), you get the TRUE PERCENTAGE of residents voting for Plan B.

          If you complete this task with a house to house as well as postal votes for absent residents, GCD cannot make excuses that GCROA has not polled to the best of their ability all residents and owners within a reasonable time period. If the percentage of Yes comes to over 50%, then GCROA have the mandate to enact Plan B on behalf of the residents. Simples.

        • rlshawnie says:

          It doesn’t matter if you are here or 8000 miles away, the fact that you are a home owner here means your rights is not more or not less with every other residents that is residing here. Your thoughts/ views/ opinion/ suggests are most welcome.
          A thriving community is and should be a collective efforts. It’s not a one man show.
          Cheers, neighbour who happens to be 8000 miles away AT THE MOMENT.

  4. mwee2014 says:

    Johan, can we change Jenny’s beautiful pic with a ‘wagging’ finger to a pointing figure if we believe that Plan B needs YOU (alias Your Country/Residential Committee Needs You) ?

  5. mwee2014 says:

    Somebody mentioned that there are around 400 homes in Phase 1 and 2 (please check). I believe that it is not sufficient to have just the GC FB members vote (N= 150?) as even if they all vote for Plan B, that is still less than 50% of the residents if there are indeed 400 homes. On such an important issue as this, I would suggest that the GCROA committee and volunteers go from house to house with ballot papers to get the residents to vote. Of the owners who are in absentia, these ballot papers should be sent to them with an explanation why GCROA has been forced to enact Plan B. As these things take time, I suggest that GCROA committee put in a time period for gathering the votes. The No’s, Yes’s and Undecided votes should be counted after this time period and then presented to GCD. Suzanne Lee Das ballot should have a third option for the Undecided as I suspect a number of residents will tick this because they are not aware of what is really happening and information to these residents and owners are just as important as the ballot. Power to the people and GCROA Committee.

  6. boyscout2b says:

    Is everything here also duplicated on the facebook site (and vice versa)?? I would have prefered a single point of contact.

    • No not everything will be duplicated. You will not find birds, bees or weeds in the blog because that was not the intention of the blog.

      In the beginning, it was intended to serve as a conduit to disseminate information to all residents and before Facebook really came into fashion. I shaped it as the official mouthpiece for the GCROA, dealing with matters of policy and where the GCROA stands. I kept it open to help pressure GCD but that did not work as GCD loves the negative publicity. As a member of the Committee, I stood in as the Administrator. If you notice I’ve changed my status to that of a mere Contributor. Whatever the case, I just hope residents who have tuned in have found it beneficial to have expended their time here.

      The Committee can decide whether to do away with the blog. If that happens, your desire for a single point of contact and my desire to “retire” fully will be achieved. We can celebrate over dinner.

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