Changing of the Guards

As most residents would have known by now, TSS Security Services has departed. The changeover was at 8:00 AM today. For the time being security services are being provided by DRB-Hicom’s auxiliary police unit. GCD will appoint a new security company in due course. We hope the new ones will be as good as TSS.

In my earlier post I said I wouldn’t even bet RM1 on TSS staying. That was easy because I always felt that if TSS were able to find other assignments that can utilise the 27 guards, and at a higher hourly rate as well, they will be gone. Hence the last-minute attempt to entice them to stay with a huge cheque was to no avail. You can’t keep jerking people all the time.  With demand for trained Nepalese guards outstripping supply, it was only a matter of time when enough is enough.  There is no joy, however, in being proven right. I am deeply disappointed that this had to happen. How could GCD have read the cards so wrongly?

Security is probably the most important consideration for all residents in a community like ours. Yet GCD didn’t react on the 29th day of the notice,  they waited until the very last day of a 30-day notice period. And TSS wouldn’t stay. They can’t as they have accepted other jobs. This is gross mismanagement.

Ashraf and Residents

At the change over this a morning, a number of residents came by and we had a very frank discussion with Ashraf Osman about the ills in Glenmarie
Cove. I hope he will take stock of the comments made on how he can begin to turn things around. Removing deadwood is one of the recommendations and I am not talking about the trees.

Meanwhile do go over to the community’s Facebook page and vote in the poll being conducted by Suzanne Lee Das.

Johann Foo

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  1. C Leow says:

    Hi, anyone know why the TSS removed? Do the management discuss with GCROA before action taken? Who are the BOSS now, resident or GCD?

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