Be reachable …..

Message from GCROA Committee Member, Suzanne Lee Das:

Dear Neighbours,

We are trying to get updated information from all residents and home owners in Glenmarie Cove so we can keep everyone updated on the most important developments in our neighbourhood. We want to emphasise that this list is for all residents and home-owners, regardless of GCROA membership status. Please get in touch with me to keep your contact details up to date and please spread the word about the Facebook page as a platform for updates and discussions.

You can join us on Glenmarie Cove Facebook group:  

Please send a private message on my Facebook messaging system, or an email to me at with your

Full name
GC house address
Email address
Main phone number
Secondary phone number
Name for secondary number (if applicable)
GCROA membership (yes/no)

Some of the emails are bouncing back from the current list that we have. I would appreciate it if all residents could please send me these details again (even if you have done so before) so I can double check on the contact details.

Suzanne Lee

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  1. Suzanne, keep up the great work you are doing. I have never been wrong in spotting talents.

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