There once was a quaint little jetty in the middle of this picture. It was dismantled recently on account of safety and it being a temporary structure. Obviously, the home owner wasn’t thrilled by the Developer’s action, especially as it was torn down the day after repairs were made to the jetty. It must have have been a wonderful view of the jetty from the bedroom windows upstairs. Now, what do they have?

Sticks-in-the-mud, like sore thumbs.

I can’t really argue if safety is the real issue here. However I am still recovering from the daze I got when GCD tried to soothe our feelings by offering that Senangin Pier is a fully operational jetty so go use that one.

I am not sure if the remnants should be removed. Not long ago, I observed a number of residents were positively in awe with the beauty of weeds. Weeds!

I hope GCD will rebuild the jetty because it was rather picturesque when it was standing.

Johann Foo

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