Boyscout Has Spoken

Paul Leong who writes under an email moniker “boyscout2b” has  consented to share the following email he had written to GCD:


Thank you for your reminder.

I will be paying the fees for Q1 2015 amounting to RM714 via IBG from my XXXX account to GCD’s Hong Leong Bank account later today. I will forward you email notification of the said transaction when the same is received.

However, in support of GCROA, I will  be withholding April 2015 and all further payments until informed otherwise by GCROA. Please take heed that GCD’s services are TERRIBLE. Please do not turn good paymasters into bad paymasters by your recalcitrant behaviour of not engaging in dialogue with GCROA.

GCROA President Roy Lee has also written to GCD on the April billing. You can read the message here.

By the way, Paul may be the only resident in Glenmarie Cove making hay while the sun shines.

Johann Foo

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4 Responses to Boyscout Has Spoken

  1. boyscout2b says:

    Ha ha. Yes I think I am the only one in P2. But I think there is another unit in P1 that is also “making hay”.

  2. rlshawnie says:

    With the way things are right now, this feeling of deja-vu keeps coming back to haunt our community. What will it takes to get things done here, I wonder.

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