Withhold Payment

The issue of outstanding repair jobs to be done by GCD was actively debated during the recent GCROA Annual General Meeting. These matters were the subject of a short post So many things to do, if you want to know what the fuss this is all about.

Some members felt that the lengthy delay in getting things repaired was quite ridiculous. For example, the heater in the male sauna has been out of action for more than 6 months now. The upshot was the demand by some members that a vote be taken on a proposal to withhold payment of maintenance charges to GCD if the company fails to rectify the shortcomings by 31 March, 2015. This resolution was passed unanimously.

Well, things aren’t going smoothly so the above provision will kick in and GCROA President Roy Lee has written to GCD to notify the company of this development. Click here for the said message from Roy Lee to GCD.

Please support your fellow GCROA members.

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