Call Jos

This is the name of the MPK officer residents should call or SMS to hasten the provision of a huge bin for garden refuse. Collection of garden waste by MPK has been rather irregular for a long time. The number to call or sms is 0163454123. The bin may be delivered tomorrow if 50 residents do something today.

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2 Responses to Call Jos

  1. The bin was delivered yesterday and filled in a jiffy. Guna has been
    following up hard for this metal!

    We’ll have SMS/phone-call blasts again when the need arises.

    Thanks Alex and all those wonderful residents who have taken the trouble.

    To paraphrase John F Kenedy, “Ask not what the GCROA can do for you. Ask what you can do for this community.”

  2. ALEX \(YOMITA\) says:

    Hi Johann,

    This is a good move, Johann. The response was good as well from the MPK officer. He had been receiving calls from our residents since your email was out.

    We will wait and see how he handles this.

    Thank you for your work done. I appreciate that.

    Best regards,

    Alex Yong

    39 Bayu 2

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