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suzanne lee dasSuzanne Lee Das from Damar Bayu 1 has set up a Facebook group for all GC residents.

Suzanne writes:

This is an open group for Glenmarie Cove residents and home owners to post neighbourhood-related discussions, events, and updates so we can have a democratic community discussion platform online. Please feel free to invite your neighbours to join the group if you do not see them here. Neighbours and home owners from both Damar Bayu and Damar Laut are welcome of course.. ‘we are family’!

Suzanne and her husband are professional photographers. You’ll view great pictures of GC  (and I hope many more to come)sunset #2 by suzanne lee das when you visit the site.

sunset by suzanne lee das

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4 Responses to Facebook Group for GC

  1. shirleepoel says:

    I think this fb thing is a great way , yeah..to discuss those things you wouldn’t want to discuss on this blog…. well at least it’s not like being official about it. You know my comments are freestyle anyway.. I hate to offend anyone (as if i really bother if it’s the truth) but truth usually hurt if you can’t take it. Anyway, that aside..it is a good way to touch base with what’s happening. We do not have to depend on poor Johan to update us all the time and i think he is finding less and less time on his hands, i sure miss pizza or any makan gathering : ) ….so..i am all for it. Hehe, i can have another portal to put my poster …woohoooo Thank you Suzanne

  2. wkchoo says:

    Creating a NEW venue for resident’s voice when we already have this?? Is it a good idea??

    • You cannot stop social groups like this.

      I think it is a super idea to have this FB group and I applaud the efforts of Suzanne and her sidekicks. Members are free to discuss anything under the sun in a social setting. Apart from this FB group, there is also a “WhattsAp” group of residents. FB is an open forum which is thus more appealing.

      It’s good to have a voice but it is useless if you can’t get someone to listen to you.

      I think you are concerned the GCROA will lose its significance and influence if groups like this were to start to emerge. The GCROA is not about power. It is about a means of getting the Developer to listen to our problems and resolve issues that may arise from time to time. After the departure of the Developer, someone will have to be willing to organize the needs of the population here. If there is another group who can convince the majority of residents that they can do do a more effective job, then there is no need for the GCROA. Simple lah. I wish there will be one.

      Given that not all residents are members of the GCROA, this FB group is a very good thing to have to promote the “We are family” theme. When GCD hands over the management of the security and maintenance services “to the residents”, GCD will have to find a party that is willing and capable of getting things done for ALL residents. Developers will usually hand the reigns to the official residents’ association which in turn appoints a management company and the security service through a proper tender and evaluation process. The GCROA in essence becomes the organizer and the FB group can help to bring everyone together.

      Just my two sen.

  3. There is a comment in the group about Unifi service for DB1. TM has advised that they expect to provide the service to those who are missing out by the end of this month. Residents Adam Paruzel and Nilufer Hoare have put a lot of pressure on TM and the GCROA and GCD have met with TM to resolve this issue.

    If it does not happen by end of this month, we’ll press the button again.

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