Band-Aid Solution


Card reader at Residents’ entry lane

What happened?

The post for the reader was knocked by a vehicle. Has been leaning like the Tower of Pisa since.

When did it happen?

May, 2014

Repair Status:

Still waiting for the party responsible to straighten things up . We assume the identity of the party is known to the GCD.

Maintenance Grading:

0/10 (inordinate delay for a simple fix)

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4 Responses to Band-Aid Solution

  1. santok1950 says:

    I think first impressions are important. What sort of impression does it give visitors and propective buyers if they notice that a simple issue like this cannot be dealt with. This is where all visitors first have the Glenmarie Cove experience, noticing the ‘leaning tower’ will not give a good impression.
    Simple basic marketing !!!!!

  2. boyscout2b says:

    The guard on duty should have witnessed the accident. I remembered seeing Asraf at the scene afterwards. The band aid solution was probably his idea.

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