A few things you may like …..

Grounds Maintenence:

Many residents have noted that grounds maintenance has been lacking of late. This is due to the fact that there are presently  only 3 workers to undertake a huge task of keeping everyone happy. Fear not as this this should be music to your ears:

Muhamad Asraf of GCD reports:

The new appointment of the supply foreign worker  awarded already, total seven workers and will start 1 October 2014.  For the time being, the 3 existing crews will try to settle the outstanding as soon as possible.  All this new   workers will be will divided into zone and will cover all  area as discussed earlier.

Lets Unifi

Asraf has further good news from Telekom Malaysia.

The sales from TM came to Seri Santai and passed to  me the forms for registration  Unifi.  Anyone wants to subscribe to Unifi please come to Seri Santai office to  collect the form and brochure.   They will setup a counter for enquires and collecting back all the forms which the dates and venue will be confirm later.

Resident C Leow provides more good cheer:

Anyone wish to apply Unify, i can help to get a good deal:

1) waive of RM200 installation charges,
2) fiber free for 15 meters from telekom port,
3) AND more…. $$$ saving

Just reply to my email (canryleow@gmail.com).

Extension of Persiaran Damar to P4

GCD reports that the road is expected to be completed by end Oct/early Nov [this year !]. Landscape and operation of guardhouse will be 2-3months later.

Needless to say, this new exit will make it easier for GC residents to leave our village.

Cheers all round.

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  1. wkchoo says:

    “boh lat” for last item (extension to P4)…….in hokkien it means no more strength!!!

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