Parking Tips

A resident has written in to offer the following useful tips so we can be more considerate of our fellow neighbours:

Please inform residents to be considerate when parking their cars especially in Jalan Damar Bayu 2.

1. Park in your own car porch.

2. If the car porch is enough for 4 cars, please park it accordingly. Not park it anywhere you like for your convenient sake.

3. If you do not have sufficient space, park at your own walking pavement, not others.

4. Do not park on the main road causing everyone having to avoid due to this selfish act.

5. When doing a U-turn, please drive your car to a junction accordingly or reverse it to your own pavement, not others. Don’t drive it to other’s pavement and make sure you are on the road doing the turn, not pavement.

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One Response to Parking Tips

  1. boyscout2b says:

    A timely reminder, Johann.
    As you all know, it is already in the DMC that residents cannot park on the road. But there are residents who apparently don’t/can’t read (and don’t care). Its the selfish “The rules don’t apply to me” attitude because (a) I got nicer/bigger/more expensive car (b) I got bigger house/nicer renovations (c) I got higher/more titles/money to my name (d) I got more “muscles”/clout/lawyers to go up against anyone/GCD.
    BTW, the same applies to residents who put large flower pots/tables/swings/chairs/gazebo or other obstructions/etc on the common footpath! As long as no action is seen to be taken, this attitude will spread because “If so-and-so can do it, why can’t I?”

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