New Access Arrangements


The GCROA Committee would like to remind you that the new barrier entry system for Glenmarie Cove will commence operation on 19th May 2014.

Under the new system, Residents will enter the main guard-house via the left hand “Residents” lane, with newly issued Residents Access Card. This new card can be obtained from the GCD office as a swap for your old Residents Access card. This new card will also allow you access to P1 and P2 automatic barriers, which will be working from 19th May.

If you do not have the new Residents Access Card, you will need to use the right hand “Visitors” lane and register your name and be given a temporary access card which will have to be returned when you exit the first gate. Needless to say, having the new card will make your life a lot easier.

GCROA strongly supports these new access arrangements, which are designed to increase the level of security at GC by preventing non-residents from entering without properly registering. Even if a visitor forces their way past a guard at the first gate, they will not be able to enter P1 or P2 as they will not have an access card to do so. We believe that this is the level of security that residents have demanded for a long time.

GCROA has worked for at least two years to improve the access system and GCD have now installed suitable equipment and employed a security provider that we believe can do the job. No doubt there will be some teething problems on start-up. If you experience problems with the new system please contact the GCD Security Manager and copy GCROA. By working together, improvements can be made and problems solved.

Please support these new security arrangements by collecting your new Residents Access Cards and using them responsibly. Lending cards to contractors, agents or friends can potentially weaken the system and cause breaches in security. Relevant access cards may be summarily deactivated by the Security Department when instances of abuse are detected.

Lastly, GCD has informed the Committee that the level of collections has improved from 58% to 72% and the Company will continue to work towards improving the level. The Committee deems it unacceptable that in a community wherein the property owners had undertaken to share the burden of the costs for maintenance and security services by entering into the Deed of Mutual Covenants with GCD, nearly 30% have failed to meet their obligation. Consequently, rising costs will eventually be met with higher charges for those willing to pay or a reduction in the level of services. The Committee therefore hopes that owners who have not met their obligations will do so from now on.


GCROA Committee


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One Response to New Access Arrangements

  1. mwee2014 says:

    This is a welcome move towards improving security. Are there any updates about the CCTV and access to footage? Did we manage to access the footage after the previous burglaries? If not, perhaps we should consider updating the CCTV coverage of the key security areas with monitoring by the guards as well as good access to footage in the event of misdemeanours.

    I suggest that after a period, access via the new Access Card should be limited to those who have failed to pay their resident’s management fees i.e. they need to use the visitor’s entrance as they have not contributed to the service improvements. Of course, we would like to give them as much opportunity to pay up as well as written warnings beforehand but personally, we should adopt a more executive approach and perhaps this could be discussed at the next GCROA meeting.

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