Burglary in P2

I have just been informed that a house in P2 had been broken into.

Discovered just after 12 noon by the gardener who found the side gate ajar. Rooms upstairs ransacked. Unable to determine timing because owner does not live-in. Could well have happened yesterday.

Very similar pattern to what happened last year – hits in quick succession.

Please stay alert.

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  1. mwee2014 says:

    Can somebody from GRCOA please give an update on the improvements on security? This is bad if nobody even knows when this last burglary took place (4.04.14 or earlier)- hence my earlier suggestion of a neighbourhood watch scheme so that people who only come to their properties at weekends or every few weeks could have their neighbours keep an eye on their homes. It’s getting too regular now. We should also suspect the gardeners including in-house as they know precisely which homes are occupied or not.

    • shirleepoel says:

      I cannot confirm anything as yet, but thank goodness ,this was their weekend home and they didnt leave anything valuable about but the place was ransacked alright. …regardless… i am damn curious as to how the investigation is getting on with the previous break-ins……..it went into cold case? Didn’t remember getting any updates on the investigation..I hope this one won’t just be quietly forgotten.
      I don’t believe it’s the regular gardeners…..could be their replacement or whoever they rope in to cover for them when they’re not able to work on any particular day…..
      My neighbour’s garden gate is always locked and as i have said…everything looks fine from the outside..no telltale sign that anything is wrong..that’s the problem…we can even do our own ronda ronda, still if everything looks fine from the outside we would just walk pass and never give a thought unless we see telltale signs like a door with knocks and dents which does not look as if it’s properly shut or ., a window ajar…nope there was nary a single sign or else i would have noticed.

    • shirleepoel says:

      It’s certainly not my gardener..lord knows..plenty of times,i come home to find that my sliding door was not locked and there was no one at home (sigh) … touch wood…………i’ve had him for some years already..so…..finger crossed…I am assuming the investigation is still ongoing and i think with this latest discovery…it will push it to the next level..completion…Just hang on to your seat…am sure we will have some report of it soon.

    • The key to good security is strict adherence to sound standard operating procedures. This means visitors are properly processed and cleared for entry by permission of the owners. No favoritism or special listing of cars/people allowed to go in and out as they please. The end of wave through entry. The end of the override push button. Also renovation workers are not allowed to stay in the homes during the renovation period. Good security requires the cooperation of all owners. And a developer with spine.

      The infrastructure for the new entry system is in place and we are just waiting for GCD to put it into motion. Expect some sort of notification from GCD soon. Everything usually takes a long time to happen.

  2. shirleepoel says:

    Today is 4.4.14. tonight my neighbour (just got home ) discovered that their home has been broken into. (17 Jalan DB 3a) . at moment of writing 11.58pm not able to ascertain when it happened…….the last time my neighbours came back was about almost 3 weeks ago. I wonder did it happened at the same time some weeks ago during that spate of break ins or is this is a “fresh” wave of break in just starting all over again…..I feel that we are being observed…i.e. who lives in the house, which are weekend or holiday homes etc etc Honestly.re this break in…from the outside you wouldn’t know that the sliding door has been pried opened. With such flimsy contraption we call door…it does not need much effort to pry it open.. : (

  3. mwee2014 says:

    The problem with successful burglaries is that the criminal community talk amongst themselves. I also noticed from the blogs that something similar occurred last year and who knows, perhaps the year before that too. Once GC is known as an easy hit amongst the criminals there will be more coming – unless of course we take security seriously and better still, test it out with inspections from an established security firm to check out weaknesses.
    Without security there is no peace of mind. Without peace of mind, there is no quality of life. Without quality of life in GC, there is no incentive to live there despite the nice surroundings. The residents will depart one by one, the community will decline, house prices will fall……etc. etc.

  4. mwee2014 says:

    Correction to my last post. Just realised from the conversations that there is CCTV at the Boat guardhouse but it seems extremely ridiculous that we cannot retrieve the footage immediately. If that is the case, what is the point of the CCTV? I would also endorse the installation of CCTV in Gate A which seems to be a weak point and that we have a photographic and NRIC register of all the gardeners, maids and renovation workers in GC. You either take security seriously or expect to have further burglary incidents in the future. I am certainly going to install CCTV and alarm in my own home. Any recommendations of good suppliers?

  5. mwee2014 says:

    I support much of security measures discussed by the GCROA committee. I would further support the installation of CCTV at the Boathouse guard checkpoint so that all entries are filmed i.e. driver/passenger and car registration so that these people can be traced as well as the identity card details of the driver. One of the endearing joys of the GC residences is that there is an open concept to the homes i.e. no big fences and locked gates to the homes but this is dependent on excellent security. Finally, we should also enhance our ‘neighbourhood watch’ ie. residents looking out for each other in addition to the security guards. Can we please establish this via our section leaders?

  6. shirleepoel says:

    Please don’t ban maids on Sunday cos i only get my part time to come in morning for 4 hours and she is out by latest 2pm. Other days she is not available. Perhaps i can give her a letter just to confirm that she is working for me on sundays only …with my contact as well. The guard can give me a tinkle..i don’t mind…anything for security.

  7. The maid and gardeners should leave at 6pm no work on Sundays

  8. boyscout2b says:

    What are the rules for gardeners? Shouldn’t it be the same as for contractors ie register at the guardhouse; have to leave by 6pm; no overnite stay; no access/work on Sat/Sun; etc etc

  9. scary! sorry to hear this! was anything stolen? very very worrying.

  10. All the gardeners or maid working on more than one house should clearly state at the main entrance the number of houses they are working and what are the timing ……

  11. Ask the owmer when he has last left his home … and think id it is more than 2 days why only now the gardener spot the door was ajar I believe the same gardener is coming everday and passing the house everyday why only 4 today he found ….. please think its all their game and making the residents stupid ……

  12. boyscout2b says:

    OMG! Where in P2? This is scary!

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