Burglary in P1

It happened last night between 8:35 and 9:05.

One house was broken into and items were taken. The burglars attempted to break into the house directly opposite the first house but they triggered a car alarm and so they fled.

Another neighbour’s CCTV shows three burglars using what looks like a Honda Stream. The face of one burglar was captured, though not clearly. We hope further work on the recording will yield a clearer picture of the burglar.

Initial investigation reveals that the suspects’ car came in using an access card. Needless to say Security will trace the owner to whom the card was issued and go on from there.

Be on the lookout. The last time it happened, there were successive break-ins over a short period. Looked then very much like inside jobs designed to create an upheaval, which they succeeded.

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  1. mwee2014 says:

    Gate A should have a CCTV if it is to be opened at regulated times or shut permanently as it has been identified as a weak point. There may be other weak points which have not been identified yet. Why don’t we employ some security experts to identify them and rectify? It is apparent that GCD have minimal interest in this and it is really up to the residents to do something about it.

  2. shirleepoel says:

    Regardless which gate the culprit left through..I am against the idea of having Gate A opened for 24 hours. I pray that the culprits did not exit via Gate A. The only solution is to move workers to live in the shoplots so problem solved.

  3. if they triggered the car alarm, would it be because they were trying to steal the car instead of gain entry into the 2nd house? obviously, these kinds of crime are normally committed with stolen vehicles that is used only once before switching to another vehicle.

    • The burglars did not come to steal the car. The owner of the second house that they tried to break into was home at the time. He triggered the alarm remotely. From the recording that I’ve seen one of the men seems to be talking on the phone, possibly a lookout planted somewhere nearby. And they were rather cool throughout.

  4. Ng Jiunn Jye says:

    Hi All,
    I am Jay, from the house which got broken into in p1
    Lesson learnt:
    1) Leave a light on inside the house when you go out – from cctv, one of the thief check my house first before come in with 2 others. They must have know it is empty(even with another car outside) since it is dark.
    3) Don’t keep too valuable stuff in master bedroom – They din focus so much on ground floor. Upper floor is turn up side down especially master bedroom.
    4) Block the sliding door properly – I used a broom stick. It was probably too soft to withstand the force of crowbar.
    5) House alarm
    6) Be alert when go out. They were waiting for someone to go out.
    7) Lock the side gate

    May we find the peace we need in Glenmarie Coge again.

  5. The p2 case the robbery could have happened very long ago …. investigate the gardener who informed he could be also the suspect as he is trying to be smart with creating a drama ……. the person behind all this is mainly the maid workinh in more than one house and the gardener working in more than one house ……

  6. No one dare to hurt what is their purpose is maybe just to steal secondly to achieve something even with much secured the robberies still can happen or perhaps have othee hidden agenda ……..my best advice enhance the safety and security no one can just shut the door do something professiomally effectively and efficiently

  7. Even this type of incidents Happened Last year however nothing done but some residents left glenmarie cove if now it is happening again I think the remaining will be feared and start packing their things…. the new tss security they claim they are good but majority cannot speak bahasa and dont know what to do if there are any happenings ..bringing dog patrolling look like he is taking the dog for walking …… bear in mind the incident happened at night who else it can be except the residents themself…Firstly find out the victim is having good communication with the neighbours and secondly are they really had locked the doors properly and it can also the maid staying inside does this as my neighbours maid did the robbery and fled with her boyfriend an Indonesian as well ……

  8. Everytime an incident happens gate A would be the victim if anyone thinks that the culprit using gate A as his or her operatiing way why cant then the security standng there make an effort to record the entire movements

  9. tonywee says:

    Thank God no one was hurt last nite… What the incident has proven is that the security is found badly wanting…. The guards came when called, but was blur on what to do … The police came fast from the port klang station, took our reports… Good job…. Tho’ the forensic came only much later.
    Hope the CCTV at the main guardhouse can nail the culprits.

    • Badly wanting is an understatement, frankly.

      Last night, we (police et all), were unable to view the CCTV footage at the main guardhouse because only Bala has the key to the controls. And I have just found out that GCD has to wait for the CCTV contractor to retrieve the footage. After all the break-ins last year no one in GCD has bothered to learn how to retrieve the footage – in one ear and out the other – much to the chagrin of the contractor. And it is unlikely the contractor can come today.

      I hope the burglars left through the main guardhouse. They could have left via Gate A. Then what?

  10. boyscout2b says:

    Please keep us informed of developments. Obviously the access card was not reported stolen. So what is the next step? Unauthorised access and break ins seems to be a perennial issue here!. What are GCD’s reactions and mitigating plans?

  11. wkchoo says:

    OMG again! Unlikely the guards can trace the ownership of our cheapo card but the cctv at the main entrance should be able to provide more information. Hope more information can be shared out and not withheld.

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