They’ll be humpin’

JKR’s contractor has just rectified the speed hump, below. It shall be a safer for GC folks but do not be surprised to see vehicles or motor cycles using the inner lane and accelerating after the hump just so they can be in front of a vehicle or two.


Thanks to Muhamad Asraf, Services Manager, for being persistent with JKR over the botched job by their contractor. It took weeks of phone calls.

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6 Responses to They’ll be humpin’

  1. As far as we know, there ain’t gonna be riverside sensors. A better bet would be the installation of static guard posts along the riverfront with no extra manning if the guards at the precincts’ entrance are redeployed to the static posts. We’ll ask for doggie patrols along the stretch.

    Card readers and CCTV at the precincts should be operational in a week to 10 days. The old intercom infrastructure has been ripped out. Until a new system is installed, anyone stuck at the boom should be seen by the guard on the CCTV. If a card reader is faulty, Security should know it soon enough and I’d think the boom will be left open until the fault is repaired.

    • Gary says:

      Oh yes…. I’ve seen the 2 CCTVs there. One stares you in the face and the other at you car plate. But based on my non-technical assessment I would think that the detection of card reader fault will be just as good as the pair of eyes staring at the monitors. What about installing a “ding-dong” button at the card reader in case the readers are spoiled and the guard staring at the monitor is asleep?

      • The “ding-dong” equipment is cheap. The cost of relaying the ding-dong is not cheap. Why go to town unless you assume all guards sleep all the time and card reader is faulty every other day. Just wait and see.

  2. boyscout2b says:

    Asraf has been an asset to GCD and the community here. Great to give credit where it is truly deserved. Good job Asraf! By the way when will the P4 access be ready?

  3. Gary says:

    Excellent work! Cheers! to a safer Glenmarie Cove.Good work. now we just have to tackle, getting card readers working, reinstating the riverside sensors, CCTV, Jetty and Clucbhouse card readers, landscape maintenance, walking path lighting, motorcycles on jogging paths, Phase 4 entrance, dog poo,cat poo, illegal fishing, etc…. hah hah! we’re getting there.

    Oh one other observation, did not see any intercom at the respective precinct card readers. Just in case the card readers become faulty and residents get stuck at the boom-gate at the precinct entrance.

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