GCROA AGM – 2nd March

This is a reminder for GCROA members (if the emails and banner have not caught your eye) that the AGM will be held on Sunday at The Heron, starting 3:00 pm.

We warmly welcome residents who are not members to join us at the Meeting and they can do so by signing up for membership at The Heron and pay the dues to be eligible to vote during the AGM.

The purpose of the AGM shall be:

(a)        To receive and adopt the minutes of the previous annual general meeting;

(b)        To receive and adopt the Committee’s report on the working of the Society                      during the previous year;

(c)        To receive and adopt the Treasurers’ report and the audited accounts of the                    Society for the previous year;

(d)        To transact any other matter for which 7 days notice in writing has been  given.

Under item (d) we have received notices for the following matters to be discussed:

  • To setup rules & regulations for usage of The Heron, e.g. swimming attire and pool maintenance schedule, etc.
  • To propose maintenance fees should be  based on individual land size but not by property type. And to justify the revised maintenance fees by GCD.
  • To setup traffic control by security guard at the main entrance during peak hour while waiting completion of entrance at Precinct 4.
  • The increase in rates for maintenance and security services by GCD. Explanations for the budgeted amount in respect of the expenditure listed in the letter, i.e. maintenance crew, site security, electricity street lighting, general repair & maintenance, postage & courier charges, rental – office equipment, telephone & fax charges, management fee, sinking fund and clubhouse maintenance.
  • Default factor used in deriving the monthly rates to be discussed and  explained.
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