Water Supply Disruption

GCD advises all residents to expect a disruption in water supply today. There is a leak in a main feeder pipe that needs to be plugged.

The work shall begin around 10:00 am and the disruption could last for 6 hours or more, depending on the extent of  the damage they find upon digging up the affected section.


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2 Responses to Water Supply Disruption

  1. Gary says:

    Thanks for this notice Johann. Also saw the leaflet in my mailbox this morning from GCD. Good of them to inform us. I read that the disruption is from 10am – 10pm. Can I suggest that if the repairs are foseeable to go beyond 6pm, to split it up into 2 days (if this is possible)? so that we can use water from the kitchen sink during dinner as it comes from the mains.

    • I don’t think it can be done like that. I am no plumber, but I would think if you cut away the bad part, the pipe can only be useful if the replacement part is welded in good. Order takeaway from The Heron if they are using bottled water. I think I would make do with Maggie and Smoked Salmon slices. Yum yum.

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