GCROA 2014 Subscription

Notice to Members of GCROA.

The 2014 annual subscription is now due and Albert Mok, Treasurer, shall be very happy if members will pay the subscription as soon as possible.

The amount is unchanged at RM60 for a year, RM5 per month.

Members may pay by cheque (made out to Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Association) and drop the cheque into the collection box at the guardhouse. Remember to write your name and house address on the reverse side.

By the way, banks will impose a cheque processing fee of 50 sen on the issuer of the cheque with effect from April 1, 2014 as Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) sets a new pricing strategy to promote greater efficiency. Not to mention more profit for the banks.

For payments online, the account number is 512905509291 (Maybank). Albert is concerned that not all members know how to pass on the details of the online payment to him. Have no fear, I am here! There are of course members who are more savvy than me, but I muddle through somehow.

For my Public Bank account, I have to first register the account I intend to make payment to. In this case GCROA. After all the necessary clicks to process the payment, I prefer to extract the details using the link Payment History (minimal information displayed). To place an image of the page into the Windows clipboard, press PrtScn (print screen) on the keyboard.

MS Paint iconNext, open a program like Microsoft Paint (icon left) that comes with your Windows OS and click Paste to place the image in Paint. It looks like this:


To make life simpler for Albert, click Crop and drag the cursor over the area of interest, then click Crop again to end up with only this part:

prtscn3You can email the above straight from Paint and Microsoft Outlook will open up automatically. I don’t like to use Outlook so I Save the cropped image above to the Desktop in PNG (Portable Network Graphic) format and attach it to my Gmail or Yahoo mail. Albert gets this clean, simple image. Please do not forget to state your name and address for recording purpose.

Lastly you should clear your browsing data after each online payment. You sleep better that way. Just Google the steps applicable to the browser you are using. It is normally in Settings. For chrome users, the sequence is Settings>Show Advanced Settings>Clear Browsing Data (under Privacy subheading).

Email your ‘receipt’ to mokpw_01@yahoo.com.

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  1. boyscout2b says:

    Errr…. GCROA’s bank account (512905509291) is a Maybank account (as per your example)?

  2. Arvin Menon says:

    Can i have the email address to send the payment slip ?

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