More clubhouse activities

We would like to hear from residents of Glenmarie Cove any suggestion to make our new clubhouse a centre point for social interaction among residents.

There is a suggestion we could have a  bi-monthly bazaar for residents who would like to sell home-made cakes, etc. Just bring your own table and clean up – as simple as that. No rental. Perhaps a small donation for charitable purposes, buy books for children from poor families, etc.

Tea and cake parties. Line dancing. Floral arrangement lessons. Cooking demonstrations, like how to make homemade pizzas.

Swimming lessons and competitions by age groups to encourage more children (and retirees!) to swim for their good health.

Gym lessons and instructions by qualified trainers.

Well, give us your suggestion(s) in this blog.

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7 Responses to More clubhouse activities

  1. mwee2014 says:

    How about organising speakers to talk about topics of interest to residents coupled with a buffet funded by a modest entrance fee or bring a dish to share or if you can’t cook, some beverages. Are there facilities for ballroom and other dancing classes? Perhaps we should send out a questionnaire to the residents to find out what they want rather than rely on the limited audience from this blog.

  2. mwee2014 says:

    I think the Clubhouse is a good asset for all residents, as are the jetties and other common areas and facilities. As the maintenance fees pay for all these facilities, we have to firstly ensure that all residents who mutually benefit pay their dues. It may be that a small fee is paid for specialist interest where all cannot participate e.g. employing a yoga or tai chi teacher (unless there are resident teachers who are happy to give up their time and enhance the community spirit). Maybe I have no right to comment here as an absent owner and not resident in GC yet but I hope to do this in a few year’s time, hence my interest. But feel free to tell me to shut up and I’ll take the hint.

  3. Who is in charge of this and the other? Well, who issued you the quarterly bill for maintenance charges?

    Why should it be that eventually it will come to a user-pay basis to finance the clubhouse and/or facilities? Please share with me the basis for your pontification. A user pay basis will require high fees. Tell that to the regular gym users. Applying the same logic, only those three or four owners who berth their boats at the jetties should be the ones to pay for the maintenance of the jetties. You think they will agree? And anyone who wants to fish has to buy a ticket?

    In my opinion the clubhouse and the jetties should be regarded as common facilities and the cost of upkeep to be borne by all owners and residents.

    The Committee has informed GCD of its view that any income from the clubhouse should accrue to the residents who are paying for the upkeep of the premises. It is simply unacceptable that we bake the cake and someone else gets to eat it. So please patronize the food service so the rental income keeps flowing in to mitigate the cost of running the premises.

  4. isa daud says:

    Totally agree with boyscout2b comments.
    We have to address this issues first ie administration & maintenance.

    For a start , I suggest that with immediate effect,no same shoes from outside are to be used in gym.This will avoid the carpet tiles to be stained as there will be the tendency of of joggers from phase 1 & 2 entering from garden side to go straight to the gym.

  5. boyscout2b says:

    Hmmmm…all good ideas. We wouldn’t mind taking up tai-chi lessons.
    Btw who is in charge of the clubhouse? Who is in charge of repairs/maintenance (I see that GCD has included RM6700 for clubhouse maintenance in its annual budget)? Who will collect rentals or other payments for the use of facilities (eventually it will come to a user-pay basis to finance the clubhouse and/or facilities). I notice that ALL the lights were on yesterday morning as I drove out at 6.30am. I hope whoever is in charge is mindful that electricity rates have gone up!

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