Tough Call

IMG_9787Catch and Release (CnR) or Catch and Makan?

This whopper was fished out of the lagoon between P1 and P2 a few days ago. Angler claims it is about 8 kg.

I am moved by the comments from a resident who lives by the lagoon and she witnessed the capture of this fish.

“That whopper loved to sit quietly at the shallow side, even the tilapias were brave enough to come close. I just loved to see him swimming past, the surface rippling by. What a sight! I suppose time to say goodbye to “Boss”. My guests are always in awe that there are real “wild” siakaps in that small lagoon. I think there are at least 5 big ones. Even a friend just bought a unit just to show his family what a sustainable ecosystem GC is.”

A group of residents would like to promote the use of the lagoons as a CnR zone which can be hard to accept for those who want to take (every) fish home. Why anyone would want to eat fish out of the lagoon is a puzzle to me. Detergents, paint thinners from renovation contractors, etc, all go into the lagoon. These days the rains help to dilute the impact of these chemicals but I shall still give the fish a pass. Perhaps I’m over thinking. There is no sewage system on Pulau Ketam; everything goes straight down and some fish seem to love it. Yet many people think the Pulau Ketam seafood is great stuff.

So what about this CnR thing? To make it work all anglers must co-operate. We must be careful not to set too many rules and regulations that will make Singaporeans blush. There is, however, a request that should be heeded by the anglers.  Please do not fish beyond 10:00 PM at the lagoons because it can be quite unnerving for folks, especially for the ladies, who live by the lagoon when there are people lurking around in the dead of the night so close to their homes.

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  1. tonywee says:

    The group’s intention may be noble …. To introduce something worthwhile and ecologically sustainable, something GC can be proud of …… but I do agree that the concept of C n R and sport fishing is not easily acceptable to most anglers in Malaysia still. We have been advocating this for some 15 years now and though there is increased acceptance generally, the going is slow. There is more awareness, but the acceptance and practice is still very low….. Entrenched thinking is difficult to change, but I would leave it to residents to decide which way we want to progress.

    On a related topic, we have also drawn up the objectives and rules for the proposed GC boating n fishing club …. Let’s see how we can progresson this one.

    • tonywee says:

      Still on a related topic, Article 24, Third Schedule, of our Deed of Covenant states that no swimming, berthing of boat or fishing is allowed in the “lakes” in GC … unless approval or special privilege is granted by GCD…. so can this ruling be enforced pending any future change? … not that there are many fishes left in the P1 / P2 lagoon.:-) …. and I still see people using throw nets at the Sri Santai Lagoon.

      • Roy Lee, a pioneer in GC, mentioned during the management-GCROA luncheon that the common understanding among the early residents was “no fishing in the lagoons”. Then a few enthusiasts moved into P2 and the rest is history.

        I see a win-win-win situation that can be developed further. This reply is copied to GCD so they are aware you will soon knock on their door.

        Win#1: We need activities in GC, so we should lay off banning the use of nets at Seri Santai lagoon where the catch are normally prawns that come in with the tide. Let’s not be too extreme. Therefore the prawn-catcher lives.

        Win#2: The C&R group can petition (er, remind) the Management to enforce bye-law 24 (no fishing per se at the lagoons) but grant a papal dispensation for C&R fishing (activity driven). And do something about the silt buildup in the lagoon and cut the outgrowth on the slopes surrounding the lagoon on a regular basis. This way your Boat &Fish club members will be encouraged to stock the lagoons without fear that someone will ‘steal’ your precious stock under a ‘fly fish by night’ operation. Fishing activity should buildup because residents know there are huge swimmers in the lagoon but they have to release the catch. So everyone wins but there must be stop to such activity by 9:00 PM because we have to be fair to the residents living around the lagoon.

        Win#3: GCD wins because a development with a focus on healthy pursuits must be a good selling point. House values should increase. We have in GC a number of potential activities that can’t be easily found elsewhere. The lack of a working ramp puts boating well behind. To use my boat I have to tow my boat to the yacht club and pay the club RM50 to go down and up the ramp at the club – and I am a member of the club paying monthly dues! And the greater irony is we have a riverfront here to begin with!


        Well, everything costs money and residents who do not pay their dues should be banned from these activities.

  2. This is a hijack.
    As you know, JKR had resurfaced Jalan Telok Gong last week and we were concerned that the height of the speed hump must be restored. The yellow lines have just been redone and the hump is back to its former glory, thanks to persistent follow-up by Asraf.

  3. wkchoo says:

    The few varieties of fishes in this lagoon (between P1 and P2) are definitely not wild as the fish from Langat’s river CANNOT be possibly come in from the gate due to its design. The biggies were released by group of anglers (GCROA’s resident) me included from catches at pay ponds and lakes. The noble idea is to have ample fish for residents to fish and enjoy by everyone be it fly fishing, lure fishing , bottom fishing etc. No much rules required as the only request is to release the fish caught to fight for another day and NO NETTING allowed.
    It was not properly communicated and hope this is a good platform for us launch the idea and we don’t mind stocking up more fish for everyone enjoyment. Maybe once in 2 months we may allowed catch and makan (if you wish) and allow other fish to grow again so that everyone can enjoy it whole year.
    Ideas are welcome.

    • Whether it is wild or not is not important. In my humble opinion, the ‘group’ should have been more forthcoming in the first place and let other residents know of your noble effort to avoid any misunderstanding. Along comes an angler who catches poor “Boss” and thinks other big fish in the lagoon are there for the taking. While humans haggle over whose fish it is, Boss remains as dead as Julius Caesar. It is good that you agree no rules are required. So please spend more money to buy more fish and we will see what GCD can do to improve the conditions in the lagoon. When the time is ripe, we’ll get the newspapers here so you can showcase what a wonderful place this is and the homeowners ringing the lagoon shall be highly appreciative of the increase in the values of their homes.

      • wkchoo says:

        Agreed on the mistake made on our part of communication flow and would like to use this platform to make it right this round. The only motive is for the fun of fishing for all and especially us the anglers when our hands are itching when sea condition is not friendly. Increase value of houses is definitely a bonus but I am not selling………

        • We will talk to GCD on the improvements needed to make the lagoon prettier and more habitable for the fish. Provide a list of things that can reasonably be achievedand we go forward from there. There is no free lunch; maintenance charges need to be paid.

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