After 657 days


senangin pierSenangin Pier is officially declared open after the rebuilding.  The mast for the spot lights is meant to be taller. That will come later. Just be glad for now that there are lights.

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  1. wkchoo says:

    Good and now looking forward for the functional boat ramp and hope that we do not have to wait for 657 days!!

    • wkchoo says:

      Had a round at this senangin pier this evening and it seems so big and spacious after getting used of the smaller jetty in P2 for almost 1 year plus. The workmanship is poorer and noticed that the 3 replaced beams are bigger than the original but the metal “sleeve” that hold the platform and the beams are not bigger for the new ones. These “tight” sleeve actually touches the beams and cut it when the platform is up and down according to the tides. All paints from the beams had peel off and rust already appeared on the beams. This will rot in no time and hope admin can forward the defect to GCD for rectification.

      • tonywee says:

        Agreed that the end sleeves are just too small, especially the rollers … In fact only a few days after the repair, the platform broke into two because it got stuck and could not stand the strong rising tide. Let’s hope that the management can get the contractor to increase the size of the sleeves to be the same as those in P2 jetty.

        On a related point, I shifted my boat back to P1 yesterday and found that my tackle box had been stolen while moored in P2 ….. Not too great a loss, but just to note that another boat owner had, while moored at P2, had the boat battery stolen on one ocassion and the petrol tank stolen on another. Let’s hope we see improvement in jetty security.

        • The Committee has always advocated the presence of two permanent stations guard posts along the river front to improve security and the suggestion we have ALWAYS advocated is that when the readers are finally installed at the precincts, the guards will be redeployed to these stations so there will not be an increase in manning (we gotta watch our budget from 1 January, 2014). As money is a huge problem, I have even suggested that we repaint the tin-can guard posts at the precincts and use these for the time being.

          The good news is En. Kamal does not think these tin-cans are good enough so we should be getting better looking ones! we only have to wait and we are very good at this.

          Placement of these stations is very important to provide effective coverage for quite a long stretch of river front. The security company we had identified to replace NGF was to supply us with two dogs for night patrol of this stretch. Unfortunately, GCD and the security firm could not come to terms on the payment schedule. So ended that chapter. Amen.

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