Ugly things may soon surface …..

Be aware that the Indah Water pump (at the shop-lots area) has broken down for at least a week already and if you detect any smell or it takes longer than usual for the water to discharge when you flush the toilet, that is because the waste pipes (if you care to lift the manhole cover in the middle of the road) are clogged and may soon overflow. Damar Bayu 5 is like that.

The number for Indah Water Customer Service Centre in Klang is 03-31228914. The email address is

So far Guna has been bugging IWK and the latest is it may take a week for a  new pump to be put in. Let’s hope ugly things do not surface before the replacement pump arrives. More residents should pester them as it may speed things up.

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  1. I have received a few calls from residents who are beginning to smell things are not quite right. The pump appears to be on holiday as are many of the GCD personnel at this time of the year to use up their annual leave entitlement. I have called Indah Water and asked to be brief on what is going on and what they can do to resolve the problem. Hopefully someone will get back to me soon. in the meantime, the number to call is 03-31228914 and I hope more residents will buzz them.

    • santok1950 says:

      The sewer is blocked again. GCROA has informed Indah Water and have been assured that action is being taken to rectify the situation. Will keep everybody informed. It
      may help if individual resident also complain/report the blockage. The number to call is 03-31228914

  2. New pump is in. No more crap over pump failure, but crap all you like from now without fear. Thank you to Guna for his daily follow up with IWK.

  3. Gary says:

    This happened before though the cause was not a broken pump but the result was the same ie clogged sewer. When it happened I had sewer water flowing back up to my kitchen sink. Imagine shit water from not just your own butt but from a million other asses. So…. I just made a call to indah water to complaint and I suggest others do too to add pressure.

  4. tonywee says:

    Like Malaysia, I guess Glenmarie Cove is also a taman of “endless possibilities”.:-)… wonder whats next….

  5. Gerhard W. Poel says:

    Telekom Malaysia has announced that all E-mail related services for UNIFI will be deactivated. As such my email address will cease to exist. My new email address with immediate effect will be as follows:

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