No more hot button issue


Workers preparing the groundwork for laying the fiber optic cable for new readers and CCTV cameras

Work has commenced to carry out some changes to our security system in Glenmarie Cove.

The GCROA Committee had made several requests over the last 18 months or so to GCD to switch the lanes for use by residents and visitors and to make certain changes to enhance the security in GC. We also asked for new card readers at the Precinct entrance and exit so that a visitor must register or he/she could not be issued with a temporary access card to trespass the precinct. These requests will all be met as we have a new management team that not only hear us but listen as well. And there are mutual benefits for the company and for the residents.

In essence we go back to where we were in the early days, with some adjustments. Hence residents will be using the left lane for entry which by itself is no big deal since, before the in-process switchback by GC,  99 of 100 gated and guarded communities do the same. However, this time the reader will be relocated several meters forward from where it is now (at the guardhouse). Ideally the reader should be on the left side of the lane (as was the defunct but costly made-in-Germany system) but this requires a longer range reader and it will cost more. Using the existing short range reader (officially 1.0 meter but practically  about 0.7 meter and also depending the level of tint on the window) means having to position the reader on the driver’s (right) side but there isn’t space for an island in between the two lanes and there must be an allowance for large vehicles to enter in the event of an emergency – for instance, a BOMBA  engine. So what is the solution?

The GCROA solution is to simply move the reader several meters forward of the guardhouse and the boom gate in tandem. The section of the lane between the residents’ gate and the visitors’ gate (which stands beside the guardhouse) will be separated by metal poles that can be removed to allow the large vehicles to enter in case of  necessity. Under the new system a visitor on the right hand lane can stay in his/her vehicle while queuing for registration. We hope there will be a large window to facilitate the interaction between the guard and the visitor. To speed up the registration process, consideration will be given to the exchange of the driver’s licence  for the temporary access card for use by the resident to enter the precinct concerned.

The left hand lane will have a sign that reads “ACCESS CARDS ONLY” across the facing edge of aluminium boom. Residents who do not have an operable access card need to use the visitors entrance on the right and the Security Standard Operating Procedure calls for registration to get a visitor’s card to enter the precinct. This record is also useful as an audit trail in case cards go missing. As a precautionary move, a visitor’s card cannot activate the booms at the main guard-house.

Quite often we receive complaints from residents who have seen cars going past the visitor’s lane without stopping, giving the perception that some  visitors  are unregistered. This could be true at times  but often it is due to some families who do not use their access cards (or simply do not have the cards) and these residents continue to do that because the guards are letting them through by using a bypass button. Sensing that this problem will not go away, GCD has decided to remove the bypass button so residents who do not have access cards or barred access cards will have to use the visitor’s lane. There is no point in honking  or hollering at the guard because there is simply no button to push! Thus residents who do not have access cards (for whatever reason) are advised to obtain the cards as soon as possible so as not to be hindered at entry or exit.  Please remember that GCD reserves the right to bar access cards if maintenance  fees remain outstanding beyond a certain period. Residents with barred cards will of course be allowed access to and from their homes. It is just that they will need to use the visitors’ lane to obtain a temporary card to enable them to enter the precinct. A queue of visitors waiting in line for entry shall be quite exasperating, I suppose.

Finally, guards will no longer be posted at precinct entrance once the cards readers are in use. These guards will instead be deployed for patrolling the grounds.

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6 Responses to No more hot button issue

  1. tonywee says:

    boyscout2b, from my understanding of the system, the timid guard could open the first boom gate, but the driver will still need a card to access the precinct gate …. so unless he registers, the guard is not allowed to give him the card…. in the end, no matter what, the guards must follow the rules.

  2. Gary says:

    This is excellent news! We are definitely moving in the right direction. Could not have been possible without a professional management team from Glenmarie and of course a discerning resident’s committee. I’m very sure sales and happiness ratings will go up. Very happy indeed.

  3. yfyin says:

    Yes, 3 guards at the boat house, 2 for patrolling and 2 or 3 static guards at strategic locations near riverfront will do, we need quality guards and not quantity dummies.
    Need to have a guards company who can train and make sure the guards know what they are suppose to do. The guards at the entrance must have basic communication skills.

  4. boyscout2b says:

    I believe we are making progress with the new GCD team. However, even with the anti passback feature activated, there is nothing to stop the guard from using a visitor’s card to open the boomgate. Our timid guards need to be firm with residents without access cards and not be cowed by such residents.

    • wkchoo says:

      Good to see some progress and should expect some teething problems as highlighted above initially BUT please be the eye and ear for GCROA committees and GCD for any shortfall as this will improve as we go along. Kudos for the good works!

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