Halloween 2013: Reminder

Happy Halloween

This is remind residents of this event on Thursday, 31 October.

Attendance is FREE for all residents.

Families who would like to offer treats for the future of Glenmarie Cove should keep the porch lights on AND let the organizers know of your intention so the kids will come by. Please call Kulwant (017-2854660) or Shirlee (0105661960). By the way, keep the dogs at bay.

Parents who intend to let their children have some fun that evening should also tell the organizers who are having a hard time trying to gauge the number of people coming for this event which in turn makes it hard to cater for food and refreshments. People do come, the recent Family Day being a good example but there was not enough food.

Organizing events for  Glenmarie Cove residents has always been a problem because residents are too shy to call the organizers to let them know of their attendance. The GCROA Committee shall review whether to have this Halloween celebration next year. Perhaps the lack of feedback this year suggests that this event is no longer popular.

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2 Responses to Halloween 2013: Reminder

  1. shirleepoel says:

    good…looking forward to giving them a good time…see ya

  2. yfyin says:

    My children are looking forward to this event, they even bought mask.

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