GCROA meets GCD: Message from the Secretary

Dear GCROA Members

The minutes of a recent meeting with GCD management are attached. They include a discussion regarding the ongoing provision of Security in Precinct One.
Membership Fees
Some residents receiving this message have not paid their membership fees for 2013. We wish to remind you that almost all money collected by GCROA goes towards community activities such as the recent Family Day. Committee Members are paid no fees and no expenses.
By not paying your fees you  are restricting the ability of the GCROA Committee to provide social activities for residents and their children. We therefore urge non-payers to make the required contribution.
Following this message, we will not send any further communications or meeting minutes to members who have not paid their 2013 fees.


Jeff Harris

GCROA Secretary

Administrator’s Note: If you are a GCROA member and has not received the minutes via email, it may be that we do not have the correct address in our records. Please send your current email address to info.gcroa@gmail.com.

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4 Responses to GCROA meets GCD: Message from the Secretary

  1. yfyin says:

    If the present collection / payment is smooth, it should be no problem. But, not everyone is a keen angler.

  2. yfyin says:

    The annual fee is only RM 60 a year.

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