Feeling good already ….

I’d like to share these emails received over the past two days:

From Gary Geh, 13 Sept 10:47AM

Dear En. Asraf,

Along the road leading to and from precinct 2, trees are being cut and because of this the out-going lane has been converted into 2-way traffic. However there are no proper markings nor cones to guide drivers on both sides of the traffic. 

I almost had a head on with on coming car which was driving very fast. Took me by surprise but I manage to swerve to the left. This happened at the clubhouse bent. As you know, at that bent, the road has been narrowed into a one lane because of piping works. This is an accident waiting to happen. 

Could there be more cones added and proper signage to inform drivers?

From Muhammad Asraf, GCD: 13 Sept 7:01PM

Thank you for the comments regards to the traffic  at the Persiaran Damar .

From the management side , I have sent out notice to all owners and residents informing about the tree pruning.  Signage of contra flow, please drive slowly , arrows in placed. Cones are put at strategic place.  Security guards in place also to control traffic flow.

I am glad to have good comments and  will improve from there. There more maintenances work and up grading works coming up soon and please bear with the inconvenience caused.   

I will put more signage and additional guards to control the traffic flow starting from tomorrow.

From Tony Wee, 13 Sept 7:43PM

This fast response from Muhamad Asraf is certainly a welcome change ……. A promise of better things to come, I’m sure.

Perhaps a big sign before the clubhouse bend (on both sides of the road) would be good to warn both residents, and especially visitors, to slow down due to roadworks/ tree surgery ahead?

In fact, a permanent “SLOW” sign** before the bend is necessary….. the bend in the road should not have been so severe to start with.

** Administrator’s Note: In both directions please. Perhaps a speed limit to be indicated on the sign to help those who do not know what ‘slow’ means.

From Choo Weng Keong: 14 Sept 9:33AM

Good works from this new team from GCD and many residents felt the same too.

Keep it up and looking forward for better environment as promised.

From Christopher Tan Chor How: 14 Sept 10:17AM

Inclusive of quick response to calling residents of alarm-ringing homes (amongst others prompt attention). Just fantastic job Asraff & team!

Thank you very much…

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  1. yfyin says:

    I think, since Asraf and his team is so responsive, we should ask them about outstanding repair work in GC like the Ramp, boom gates for P1 and 2 and street lights at P2 lagoon.

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