Boat and Fish Club for GC Residents

A group of GC residents (Daren Ong, YF Yin, Chin, Tony Wee and Kevin Yong) have started a “club” dedicated to boating and fishing.

The website for this club is here. Membership is free. The founding members are ready to advise you on any issue or question you may have on fishing or boating. Tony is an expert in fly fishing while Kevin is the expert on boats.

Led by Daren (aka Natural Born Angler), the group is even keen to help GCD manage the lagoons to enhance the environment.



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    • Can you arrange for the seller to show them folks where to launch the kayak along this river and to let them try it? After a few strokes, they may not be able to resist buying a kayak. Best time to kayak in this river? Your invaluable advise will be much appreciated, I’m sure.

      • darenong says:

        Seller – ” Setiawest Marine – Kevin Yong ” plans to let the members demo/test out the kayaks .. only for members .. there are even sailboats and SUP too .. member’s privilege sahaja, with proper guidance for sailboats by experienced pros, safety gear and even a MAC boat will be used for this event.

        I will take photo …… when ppl fall in the river and swim for their life to the shore or climbing up the ladder to the MAC boat … lol just kidding. I will bring shampoo to supply to those that think they wanna mandi-mandi too 😀

        • How interesting.

          If you are right about the offer by the seller to members only, that means any walk-in customer, whether a resident in GC or not, will not be granted a ‘test drive’ unless he or she becomes a member of the The seller is only interested in 10 potential customers and not 50 or 100? Really?

        • darenong says:

          If it is an open invitation to everybody all over the world, I wonder how many would wait in line … say 50 or 100 came … hmm .. each ride as fast as 5 minutes .. then the 50th to 100th “potential” customers need to wait 250 minute to 500 minutes .. ? Interesting indeed, not going to do very well on that day it seems … well of course walk ins customers deal directly with Setiawest Marine and it is up to Setiawest Marine to arrange time for them, simple logic not rocket science … so it is only making sense to give privilege to members FIRST when the invitation comes from the website. Oh, there aren’t as many members in the website now, so rest your worries Mr President, thank you for your concern, is that the reason you’re not even a member yet ? ha .. say .. curiously, there will be 50 to 100 potential customers on demo day ? Are you going to bring them there on the day they going to do the demo ? Like seriously ? If so, I’d suggest you to book an appointment to avoid unnecessary disappointments or giving out misleading information.

          Ps If you are right, if 50-100 came, it is going to be a celebration day LOL

          Majulah sukan untuk GC …. lol

          • I was not giving out misleading information. I find your accusation offensive. I took your original comment as is and asked you a simple question. I hope you and your friends will forgive me for not realizing that you meant members of the will be given priority on the demo day. Not rocket science indeed but you must give allowance for people who are no where near as smart as you are.

            I am not interested to purchase a kayak for use in Sungai Langat or anywhere else. I’ll just rent one it there is a rental service and there is a safe place to operate from. I am certainly not worried how many members you have. I think residents will join your club if they feel there is need to and the “Membership Privileges” are something they must have. Priority on demo day is one of them!

            If you want more members for your club or a big crowd on the demo day, you need to do the marketing yourself.

            On Monday, September 23, 2013, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Association wrote:

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    • Gary says:

      Would be good if besides selling, the club (to be clear, the Boat and Fish Club -Admin) arranges regular kayaking excursions along the river. Otherwise I seriously think this will be a buy then collect dust item addition to your home. Or the another way is for us to be able to rent them from the club and join the excursion. This way if one finds that this sport is not for him/her, then there isn’t the hassle of selling the kayak away or risk the kayak becoming a decorative piece in your lawn.

      • Useful and interesting suggestion. Now, will they bite (no pun intended). As far as excursions are concerned, I think the kayakers can make their own arrangements, for safety and other reasons. Many (and I mean many) years ago, I was at the Outward Bound School in Lumut, Perak and kayaking was one of the activities. The final kayak activity was to go around Pangkor Island over two days camping out on the other side of the island for the night. My partner and I were the first to reach the halfway spot (students wise, because the Warden of OBS at that time , a former Mr. Malaya or something like that, decided to join my Watch’s excursion and had already arrived. One man could out stroke two of us!). The last group was struggling and my partner and I were asked to paddle out to see what was wrong. Well, we found the stragglers but on the way back one of them vomited and his sudden lurch to one side tipped the kayak over. No problem lah because OBS taught us beforehand how to deal with this situation. But it would have been sheer hell if there was a strong current at that time. About 100 yards from the shore we were not so lucky with the current and it seemed like hours before we could ‘land’.

        Buying the kayak is the easy part.

      • darenong says:

        I agree, that’s why this club is By GC residents … anyone can participate or organize events along le Sg Langat n find interested parties … Now only if we have club fees … hmmm … endless possibilities .. or a major sponsor … eh ? GCD can start by offering “free use” with their boats ? Mr President, ini macam ada harap ga ? Gcd kasi pinjam boat we ronda-ronda see sunset or go P. Ketam makan-makan or buy nice salted fish … all expenses split by participants …

        • Unfortunately, both GCD boats are kinda kaput. Waiting for an overhaul.

          I took my boat to Pulau Ketam this past Sunday, after 12 years from my previous visit. Interesting. So many restaurants now and very reasonable prices. A number of inns as well. Residents with boats can offer to take others there and share the expenses. With enough boats we can form a flotilla. Wah, so grande. Haha.

  1. shirleepoel says:

    Hi all, i did take a peek into the blog, pretty interesting and a very good idea to start a fishing blog or club.
    I am an avid angler but i guess i am just a small fry compared to those with the “works”. Give me a hand reel, or an empty can, some weights and hook and i will stay hooked for hours on end…. . Anyway, perhaps it would be of great help if your blog could have information on tide tables at our jetty area…..that would be great.. Am sure the regular anglers have no problem knowing when’s the best time..but for beginners or not so serious anglers…it’s kind of frustrating to get all geared up , feeling lucky but upon reaching there…sigh…looked like Moses parted the sea and just left without looking back..

    • darenong says:

      Thank you for taking a peek into the website, for your information it is a social networking website which contains many functions such as blogs, forums, gallery, chats, private messaging and lots more.
      I have updated some links that might be useful for you for tides predictions in the website, please do register and check out more often for more updates.

      In short tide is the periodic rise and fall of the waters of the ocean and its inlets, produced by the attraction of the moon and sun and occurring about every 12 hours. So, we have 2 times high tide and 2 times low tide “each day” and affected by the moon and sun we have strong tide and slow tide depending on the distance of the moon/sun to earth. The charts in the link on the web will tell you the time of high/low tide with numbers of high and lows in meters. Basically the cyclic rise and fall of sea level caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.

      We will have STRONG high/low tide and SLOW high/low tide. To keep track on this, notice the METERS in the tide prediction charts …. I hope I got it right LOL .. and oh, I read somewhere, barometer measures atmospheric pressure and this affect fish eating habits, here we look into the sudden changes within the day, a sudden drop or rise during that particular time … so why not you test it out by putting your hooked bait into our Sungai Langat and find out if it works for you …. maybe I should try it too LOL

      Moses parted the sea and just left without looking back does not mean there are no fishes in the water-filled side, so do consider putting your bait there instead on the muddy banks … hee.. just kidding ..

  2. darenong says:

    I don’t think the club can afford a pontoon .. probably Gcroa can do miracles .. in Gcroa President we trust heee …

    • yfyin says:

      You are putting a lot of load to our president. He has requested, many times.
      It all depends on GCD.
      If you have GM like Ben Yeo, sit there playing games, nothing are done for 3 years.
      Hopefully the new GM is customer oriented.
      Things that need urgent repairs are as follow:-
      1) The crooked ramp.
      2) P1, 2 boom gates.
      3) P2 street lights at lagoon.
      4) Static guards at the jetties.
      Can Asraf gives us an answer on this?

    • There is a plan, IF we can get back two pontoons from the RSYC. There are residents who are willing to contribute financially and I hope GCD can be persuaded to take part as well. Enuf said for now.

      On Saturday, September 14, 2013, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Association wrote:

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      • darenong says:

        Mr President, GCD would agree for a fishing pontoon ga ? Is this possible ? Never mind getting into who to pay for it YET or what not, but the idea of a fishing pontoon along the river is OK with GCD ? If YES, probably we can “think of” other possible alternatives.
        Fishing ONLY at fishing pontoon with proper requests before fishing there (like registering your name and your guest’s name before fishing – must have a guard to jot down details for this – better than guards standing and walking aimlessly, group up and chat and I have personally witnessed 2 guards racing with their bicycle, lol GC is the guard’s playground ga? -This is not an official complaint though) and also the jetties STRICTLY for berthing and depart for boats with NO FISHING allowed whatsoever, simple.

        Hopefully this can be part of the consideration for a better GC. Any supporter for this suggestion ?

  3. Gary says:

    Sorry have hijack this thread. Just wanted to let everyone know that the outgoing lane from precinct 2 has become2 way traffic but it has been done with no proper markings and no cones. I almost had a head on with an on coming car which was driving very fast. This was at the clubhouse bent. So please drive with care and drive slow. Sound your horn.

  4. darenong says:

    Mr President , what happen to the old pontoon from jetty 1 ? Any update on the progress ? Are going to have a “security access only” jetty like last time ? Ermm .. What about a fishing pontoon ? Haha

    • The pontoons were given/donated to the Royal Selangor Yacht Club. I guess we can write to the RSYC and beg them to return a couple of them so your gang can use them for a fishing platform. Do you guys have the necessary expertise to handle this?

      • darenong says:

        Who brought it there ? Get those guys … probably with a little fare …

        • darenong says:

          Say … would gcd allow a fishing pontoon ? And if so, would gcd allocate 1 or 2 of it’s security force to become a dock master ? Someone that helps residents in boating matters like while a boat docks or depart .. and perhaps some kind of a security measurements for those fishing at the pontoons ? In Gcd we trust ? All the jettiess/pontoons and no dock master ?

          • GCD does not own the river. The government does and you need to obtain approval from a number of authorities before you put the pontoon in the river. Of course you can ignore all this and hope to get away with it but this is not recommended. If your club members want to put it anywhere along the GC property line, I suggest you guys talk to GCD because even though they do own the river, we must respect the aesthetics of this place.

  5. yfyin says:

    Hope GCD is cooperative in making good our boat launching Ramp soonest possible.

  6. yfyin says:

    Hope to see more fishing activities from GC.

  7. darenong says:

    Thanks for the posting Mr President. I’d like to take this opportunity to invite all interested parties in water sports activities. There will be a lot of events if we have numbers, such as, kayaking, power boating experiences (boat operating courses in consideration too, with experienced professionals), sail boatings (for kids and adults), wake surfing, fishing trips and lots more. Do register soon to be informed with all these wonderful events …. by GC Residents. Thank you.

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