It’s The Heron

GCD has agreed to the use of The Heron as the name for the new clubhouse.

The credit for this name goes to YF Yin of P2, who should be receiving a hamper from GCD – sometime.

Below is only a novice’s suggestion on how the name can be displayed. GCD has the final say, being the owner of this property.

clubhouse wall

Visible during the day and back-lit at night. If anyone has a good suggestion, please give a shout and I will make certain Yin gives away the hair shampoo in the hamper.

Meanwhile, for those who are not always resident in GC, the works on a new jetty in Precinct 1 has begun and in a few months there will be a swanking new jetty for boat owners to park their boats.


It will be great to have a ramp soon after this.

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5 Responses to It’s The Heron

  1. tonywee says:

    Bangau Oh Bangau ……

  2. darenong says:

    Le boat ramp … so important to Glenmarie Cove’s housing concept, so important to residents that own boat thinking Glenmarie Cove would have known better le ramp’s importance, convenience, safety and nonetheless one of GC’s selling concept .. RIVERFRONT RESORT LIVING CONCEPT … I personally think there must be a small-font asterisk-ed note somewhere saying : ” Le ramp is built for those who will use it at their own risk … and it is really risky ” …. Today me neighbor have to pull their boat all the way to Laguna Park to launch their boat .. lol .. makes one wonder why didn’t they buy the house there .. funny … Glenmarie “Joker’s Ramp” Cove – Riverfront Concept Haha Living … what’s even funnier … after sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many complaints and requests to repair .. it is still being ignored or still in “professional” designers(?) planning? .. GC management problem? higher management problem? certainly not money’s problem.. maybe it’s resident’s problem .. problematic owners .. why did they bought Gc’s house and then complain so much ? Laguna Park got proper ramp what .. yeah must be residents/owners problem .. just ignore them is good enough I guess … Glenmarie “Joker’s Ramp” Cove – Riverfront Concept Haha Living

  3. Gary says:

    Wow! Somebody pinch me please. The jetty is being fixed? The rate things are improving here is phenomenal. We just needed the right people in place. Finally!!!

  4. yfyin says:

    I must say, your novice design do look elegant.

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