Doggone it!

I have received three complaints in two days about dogs pooping in neighbors’ gardens and in common areas.

The message to dog owners is very simple; your dog should be kept within your compound and be leashed when you take it out for a walk. And since your dog obviously cannot do this, you should carry the handy tools necessary to clean up after your beloved pet. If you follow this simple considerate rule, the dog can’t be pooping in your neighbor’s garden nor on common areas.

Let us hope signs like this will no longer be necessary:


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6 Responses to Doggone it!

  1. Gary says:

    house number 41 with red numbers, weeds in the background, post box for letters and parcels… I wonder which house this sign is leaning on. Also innovative re-use of household material. On a more positive note, dog poo does keep off the stray cats from pooping in your garden. but who ones either dog poop or cat poop and please don’t start dropping off poop at my house… hehehe.

  2. I have seen a few resdents taking their dogs WITHOUT ANY BAG / SMALL SPADE for walks.. Since the time I moved into GC , we have always cleaned up after my dog . Last few days there has been poo outside my place . Even this morning I saw some on my neighbours front grass verge . Hoping residents will be more responsibllle .

  3. Gerhard Poel says:

    It may be a stray dog who did the pooping in a resident’s garden. Any responsible dog owner will know where his dog poops – not necessary that he is on the leach – and will collect the poop with a polyethylene kitchen pack. (made in Thailand for Daiso Japan; 170 packs cost a few Ringgit only!)

    • Eh, not necessary for the dog to be on a leash? A small tiny, weeny dog like yours is already so fierce. What if it is a Rottweiler?

      • shirleepoel says:

        haha..our sissi’s bark or growl is worse than her bite. …Scouts honor…it wasn’t our sweet cutie pie…think about stray dogs ya? Sometimes i hear them during the ungodly hour of the night…and when i peek out the window..if i am lucky , i get to see a group of them from grandma, grandpa all the way to the little wee ones….

        I have cat pooping in my garden…i mean in my compound ..who do i complain to, ?? Serious ! and cat poo stinks to high heaven, god forbid if one should tread on it..full of parasites as well.”

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