I have a dream ……

This is not about Martin Luther King.

This is Tony Wee’s dream for Glenmarie cove – a boat ramp with parking like this one in Penang, with gazebo and seats for members:

penang ramp


After seeing this, I’d like to have the same dream. Man!

Frankly, I do not mind mind if it is a little less. Or even a whole lot less, but a user-friendly ramp, like this one located at a RM64 per night backpackers hotel in Mersing. Johor. Straight down and up and the owner did not need to attend grad school to come up with this (only) concept. Minus the muck on the sides of the slipway, of course.

mersing backpacker hotel (Riverview Hotel)

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3 Responses to I have a dream ……

  1. yfyin says:

    We were talking about correcting the crooked ramp in 2010 meeting with Ben Yeo, now that he is no more in-charge, is the new successor going to take action or are we going to keep waiting for GDC to do something in another 10 years?.

    • Ten years? That is unduly pessimistic, my friend. More like 8 years and 7 months, if this will make you feel better, haha.

      Seriously, DRB has indicated they shall try to do something about the ramp when they develop the land adjacent to Seri Santai. I understand there will be apartments on that patch. Whatever, I always believe that a useful ramp cannot hurt the surroundings and their sales. There are always hold ups in the development cycle and that is not unique to GCD. But I would slot this into the ‘near future’ category and pray that things will happen and it does not have to be a classy one.

  2. darenong says:

    To our ramp designer : Go home ramp designer you are drunk

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