Group Purchase – Norwegian Chilled Salmon

We have the opportunity to purchase fresh chilled salmon from Norway. The fish you buy is farmed in open sea and is premium sashimi grade. This sells for around RM90 per kilo in high end outlets in the Klang Valley. I have negotiated with the supplier Top Catch Fisheries  so residents in GC can have this for RM48 per kilo, filleted and delivered.

Check out this video to see where the fish comes from.

The deal is you have to buy the fish in whole form which weighs between 4-5 kg. Do not fret if you think that is a lot because you can share it with a neighbour or your relative or friend.  A fillet of fresh chilled salmon from Norway is a nice gift, I’d think. The fillet will be vacuüm packed to maintain freshness while the bones and the head will be packed in ice.

Salmon is rich in marine omega 3, proteins and important vitamins and minerals. There are a zillion salmon recipes on the web and it tastes great anyway you cook it – or not cook it. And you can smoke it to intensify the flavor and taste.

Please email me ( if you are interested and let me know the number of fish required. I hope the collective total will come to around 100 kg (about 20-25 fish). There will be a RM3 service fee for each order to keep my helper energized. A deposit of RM100 per fish shall be paid upon order.

Delivery shall be about a week after we place the order.

Deadline for orders: Sunday, 4th August 11:59PM

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4 Responses to Group Purchase – Norwegian Chilled Salmon

  1. Total of 18 has been ordered. Just a couple more before we place order on Monday 12/8 for delivery on Thursday 15/8. Smoked by 17/8.

  2. lionelsharon says:

    I too am interested maybe we can share …..

  3. Sze Fook Lim says:

    I am interested but not a whole fish, will ask my fishing kakis to share.

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