Hole Today, Gone Tomorrow


A number of residents have expressed their satisfaction on the prompt action by the GCD property management staff in plugging a hole in the perimeter wall which came about when a car coming down the bridge careened into the wall. This occurred around midnight a few days earlier. According to the driver of the vehicle, he experienced a seizure – of the steering column variety – which caused his car to veer off the intended path. The driver was uninjured but it must have given him  a fright.

This is a temporary repair and the final works should be borne by the insurer for the vehicle. The quick repair job brought a huge relief for those who were worried about the gaping hole. Kudos to the GCD maintenance people.

In case you do not know, the Property & Maintenance Department has a new head,  Muhamad Asraf Nohhim Edward Abdullah. We welcome him aboard and look forward to working closely with him.

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