485 Days ….. and counting

senanginpier_24jun13Senangin Pier was damaged by a barge on 25 February, 2012

Good news for Residents!

Update just in (9:00 AM, 25 June, 2013):

Terms of the contract to rectify the jetty have been finalized.

Letter of award shall be issued this week. Works estimated to take 3 months.

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10 Responses to 485 Days ….. and counting

  1. Read latest update. No more griping.

    • wkchoo says:

      Had been disappointed many times over and just have to see it happens to believe it. Keep watching and counting too.

    • tonywee says:

      Hope it comes thru this time.:-) … Btw the 25 Feb 2012 incident was the 2nd time the poor jetty was banged up. The first time was in early 2010 and (we are told), before the claim can be settled, it was banged again and badly damaged. I gather the repairs will cost about a million ringgit. As for the crooked ramp, it was constructed around end November 2010 ….. For around Rm 70k ?

      • 70k, 100k – does it matter now? The reluctance to rectify the ramp seems to be based on the premise that it is not a completely useless ramp; someone has used this ramp before. The fact that there is mud piled on top of the ramp does not matter. It is probable too that the ramp will not bring much to the table in the development plan for the surrounding area but there is possibility that some funds may be made available to modify the ramp when the development is under way. A permanent ramp is also in the P4 plan so let us hope it will be built early on in the project cycle (which should be a good selling point) and not years later as with the P1/P2 clubhouse.

  2. boyscout2b says:

    On a brighter note, the floating house has relocated from the Layang-Layang Pier (that’s what I call the P2 Pier) and that has allowed more space available for anglers.

  3. yfyin says:

    I am still waiting for the promised international standard ramp to be repaired or the promised P4 ramp to be delivered. This was said in a meeting in year 2010 if I am not mistaken.

  4. yfyin says:

    I heard that GCD already got the insurance claim for the damages long time ago, if this is so, why did they not start the repair??. There are all in 2 insurance claims.
    Just like the boardwalk lighting in P2, it was left faulty for more than 2 years and it only took 1 or 2 days to get it fixed. We are all left in the dark and suffer for the non-actions from GCD.

  5. santok1950 says:


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