Who Let the Dog Out II

Another dog has lost its sense of direction.

Screenshot_2013-06-15-21-54-53 (550x344)

The owner of this dog may contact Adon Ng at 012-2053505. The usual requirement(s) to prove ownership like number of teeth, date of birth or whatever Adon wants you to tell him.

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2 Responses to Who Let the Dog Out II

  1. Minerva Yang says:

    yesterday afternoon, we found a dead dog near a tree outside our house, and it was smelly… finally, one of the security helped to deal with it.

    • wkchoo says:

      Thanks to the security guard as he had shifted the carcass to riverbank near jetty 2. It’s now smelly there! Just have to wait for the high tides to sweep it away……..

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