No dogs on the jetty

At the entrance to the P2 jetty the Rules and Regulations (by order of the Management) are on the signage pictured below:

p2 jetty signage

There is no rule about pets.

A few minutes earlier I saw someone walking his dog on the pontoon. At the risk of being mauled by dog owners in GC, I would like to suggest that people should not bring their dogs to the jetty.

The walkways and pontoons are narrow and there is a real danger that your best dog in the world might just frighten the hell out of a kid passing by or being passed. Not everyone who owns a dog is a good handler (from what I have observed) and some dogs are more difficult to handle.  Even a startled adult may have great difficulty in the swift current if he goes in. Also we are a multiracial group here so let us be sensitive about the feelings of others.


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4 Responses to No dogs on the jetty

  1. adonng says:

    I can agree your appeal. At the same time I would like to know also why no people challenging the rule “boat/yacht granted permit is allowed to berth at the pier”….the structure in the water is not a boat and is not yacht…it is very irritating to public. I guess I am not the only one feeling that. Rule need to be created and treated equal. How can we selectively respect one but void another….no one would respect that. Pardon me if this is not the forum for the platform – TOO MUCH!

  2. keatyap says:

    I’m not agree with this and who is the one allow “somebody” to build own house there?

    • I hope you can change your mind. I do not think the rationale for my appeal is unreasonable and given also that there are so many roads and areas that you can walk your dog. Besides I really do not think your dog will be less happy if it does not get to walk on the jetty.

      I see cars and even boats parked on common areas so it should make me feel better if I were to do likewise?

  3. boyscout2b says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more!

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