The Way We Were


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  1. adonng says:

    Thanks Johann. I wish the platform can be resolved soon!

  2. yfyin says:

    Ya! there are many-many issues like a proper ramp/ P2 street lights/ P1 jetty repair and so on which should be resolved by GCD, so far GCD did nothing!.

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    The owner of the boat house and I have spoken and he is unhappy over the reaction to his property at the jetty and to the comments made by a number of residents in this blog. I can understand that. I have made the point that residents were told that the structure will be towed to another spot along the river after its completion and that would be fair to expect.

    Let this matter be resolved between GCD and the owner. One thing I need to clarify is the GCROA has not, never, given any instructions to the Auxiliary Polis from DRB-Hicom.

    We believe in the concept of 1Malaysia and look forward to living in harmony among all the races in Glenmarie Cove.

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