I need love!

Hi there!

I’m Chablis – like the famous white wine from Burgundy and France. And I need love and a  home.

DSC_0025I never got to know my parents well. They came together one day and did what their genes demanded. I was the result of those few minutes when my parents were having a ball! You can say my dad reaped what he sowed.

All animals are created equal. That’s what I thought but George Orwell is right; some animals are more equal than others. I’m a mongrel and most of us do not enjoy the perks like my Alsatian neighbor receives. He gets good food from what I can smell. Sometimes he gets a bone. It’s an artificial bone, I know, but a bone nonetheless.

I would have been dead if not for good Samaritan Roy Lee (P1) who rescued me from the clutches of death. He had me neutered (by a vet of course) lest I end up like my mother. There are amorous stray males in GC and the Security can’t do a darn thing about this. I have been vaccinated and dewormed too. And Roy has also agreed to sponsor my obedient-training classes for about 2 months by a professional dog trainer.

I can’t thank Roy enough. He can’t keep me because he has another dog to care for and I don’t want to be called that other dog. I should not overstay my welcome. So please give me a home. I am actually very lovable. Just ask Roy.

Many of my fellow mongrels are dead. Run over by the cars and lorries along Jalan Teluk Gong as they crossed the road. It is bad enough to be dead but they end up as the butt for jokes (only humans can stoop this low) like “Why did the dog cross the road?”. Well, how else can we go to the other side? Duh! They most likely would have died from starvation if they did not try to cross the road. So I salute their ‘die trying’ attitude.

I wanna live and be loved. Please contact Gary at: ghke@hotmail.com

Important note:

Roy says I will be good for guarding the house. I don’t need to remind you none of the seven homes broken into has a dog. By the way the cats will stay away too.


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  1. Hijack. Does anyone have a small piece of plaster ceiling board left over from renovations? One foot square will do. Need it for DIY work.

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