P2: 4 P1: 3; Security leaking like a sieve

Another break-in (seventh case) was discovered when the owners of the house in Damar Laut 2B returned home shortly after midnight.

House broken into from the side window. House is literally opposite the house in DL 2A that was broken into two days earlier. Same modus operandi. Rooms ransacked and valuable small items were taken – things they can slip into their pockets or a small bag perhaps. Very likely that these two houses were hit in sequence on Saturday night.

Looking more and more like inside jobs with the burglars ransacking the rooms as if they have all the time in the world. In the first break-in in P2, they had time to cart away an 55-inch TV. So I would guess they would have been tipped off if the owners came home earlier suddenly. In this present case they owners were away the weekend. Guess who would know about that?

Wear your Patek Philippe instead of leaving it around the house for these thieves.

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  1. yfyin says:

    Just to inform everyone, the same middle east like robbers robbed three more houses in Bukit Tinggi Batu Nilam 26 semi-D yesterday around 3 to 7 p.m.
    When spotted, they jumped into a black Estima. Their modus operandi, in jogging attire, pretending to exercise.

  2. No guard in Slumberland escapes the lens of Mokhlis’ (P2) mobile phone:

    • yfyin says:

      If you look at the way they slept, GCD should supply them with mattress so that they would not injure their backbones.
      With proof of GCD hiring sleeping guards, those who fall victims to burglaries should claim losses from GCD.

      Read this report.

    • darenong says:

      Why do birds suddenly appear
      Every time you are near?
      Just like me, they long to be
      Close to you

      Why do stars fall down from the sky
      Every time you walk by?
      Just like me, they long to be
      Close to you

      On the day that you were born the angels got together
      And decided to create a dream come true
      So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair
      Of golden starlight in your eyes of blue

      lol next time I see them like this, I’d be famous in GC …

  3. nickyteh says:

    Dear GC residents,

    The safety of our family and our homes are being compromised. We are no longer at ease nor feel secure within our own home and compound. Our very own santuary that we have built for ourselves and our children is no longer safe and peaceful. Today, it may be your neighbour, tomorrow it can be yours or my home. So far, only personal belongings were taken, what would be next? Would our physical safety be compromised?

    We need to protect our homes, our family and our community. We must be united to fight and prevent any further break-ins. While waiting for GCROA to come up with a better security proposal and implementing it tentatively by July (3 months away), an immediate remedial and preventive solution must be put in place to improve the security.

    A few P1 residents came up with a do-able solution and we approached Ben & Rafiq this afternoon to discuss and implement an immediate stop gap measure to minimise the possibility of further break-ins by monitoring and keeping a proper record of vehicles entering and exiting GC. In this way, we are narrowing down unknown strangers roaming our streets within our once safe and protected community.

    WE ASK, URGE and APPEAL to residents who DO NOT possess a valid Vehicle Entry Access Card to co-operate by taking 1 minute of your time to fill in your particulars in the register book at the Boat shaped Guard House and hand over your driving licence in exchange for a Vehicle Entry Access Card to gain entry into GC compound. To exit GC please return the Vehicle Entry Access Card in exchange of your Driving Licence. If you have any issue, TAKE IT UP with GCD and NOT TAKE IT OUT ON the guards for they are there to protect the residents including you and your loved ones staying in GC.

    As for visitors and contractors, the guards will continue to call the residents as what is being practised and they would be required to hand over their driving licence in exchange for the Vehicle Entry Access Card. Visitors and Contractors vehicles will have their boots checked and their identity should tally with their Driving Licence. Should any residents find it inconvenient for their visitors to register before coming into GC, the resident is welcomed to personally fetch their visitors from the Sri Santai parking lot.

    Gardeners and General workers leaving GC will need to have their body searched.

    Every resident should play their part in making GC a safe, secure and clean haven. Set a good example for the future generations to follow.

    • yfyin says:

      Dear Nicki, if the present guards are able to enforce the standard SOP you have mentioned, there would not be burglars coming in with a van to cart away TVs and etc.

      • The SOP prepared by the GCROA for GCD/GAM/NGF more than a year ago (strictly wasn’t our job but we decided to help out in view of the dearth of talent) can be found here. Alas, these 3 musketeers simply could not get their act together. You talk to any one of the three, you’ll find that the two others are at fault.

        The process to replace NGF has started and we are negotiating with GCD to replace/repair the needed security equipment before we begin self management. The GCROA does not want to be merely a replacement target for what is wrong with security, hence our insistence that broken things are first mended.

  4. yfyin says:

    We need some real guards. People who tip them could be guards/ gardeners how to guess?. Have to catch one to find out.

  5. wkchoo says:

    OMG! It’s just another house and it’s business as usual for GCD. We are having zero services from GCD while waiting to get a new security company( at least few more weeks to finalised) and they are clueless. Started my own rounding (more on my row) since the first few breakin and constantly keeping in touch with my immediate neighbours. The breakin can only be inside jobs and who else have the better information on the movement of residents?? ……and they are wondering why low pay up rate for services rendered/unrendered!

  6. shirleepoel says:

    It was pretty late one night close to 1am when i drove into glenmariecove, i was behind a myv that drove into sri santai carpark, the row which faces the mainroad. Probably stupid of me to not go back out to enquire but i guess i was kind of chicken shit. I think the entrancd to sti samtai should be locked down.

    Anyway j m all for Rt n we hv to change security comp asap. Its an inside job.

  7. Gary says:

    I received a call from a concerned resident this morning with a very good observation. I though of just messaging the committee but I thought this should be shared with everyone in this blog to create awareness. There are suspiscious cars entering GC past the very first guard house and parking at seri santai or at the empty space near seri santai (where the boats are parked) at dusk till night. This is before the capsized boat guard house. These people could very easily walk into GC cross the bridge and start looting houses where nobody is in, for things that they can fit into a bag and pockets. then walk out. They could be pretending to walk in to fish with a fishing rod in hand. Could we increase security in that area. chase off non-residents

    Boyscout2b mentioned that we should probably start a rukun tetangga while waiting for GCROA to take over management…. let’s do this.

    Meanwhile… can’t stress any more about getting cosy with your immediate neighbours and watching out for each other.

    • darenong says:

      Aku kasi satu undi ..
      “Boyscout2b mentioned that we should probably start a rukun tetangga while waiting for GCROA to take over management…. let’s do this.”

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