Missing the guards already?

Sharmila is rather insistent that I say something about what a number of residents are concerned about the past two days; you may find that the boom gates at the precinct’s entrance are up and there is, horror of horrors, no guard.

Well, is this really such a bad thing?

Upon the recommendation of the security officials from DRB-Hicom, the guard who normally mans the post at the precinct entrance is now made to go on his bike, literally.

We’ve had our fair share of disagreement over this. I am from the camp that agrees with this move although I would like to see that the card readers be installed so there is some form of access control. Frankly, the guard does nothing but press the button. I overcome this irritation with the thought that the mere presence of someone in uniform should offer some deterrence effect. And the poor job being done at the boat house is always a concern. You may well ask what deterrence value there is since we’ve had had four reported break-ins, almost at will.

GCD did verbally promise in the middle of last year that they will look into installing the readers at the precincts after the implementation of the access cards that we now use. The Committee still feels this is still an important  need.

The first line of defense at the boat house is the most important. If it leaks here there is potential trouble. What happened? Everything that shouldn’t be – waving through visitors and allowing residents to use the visitors’ lane. These residents are unaware that the proper usage of lanes is an important aspect of access management. They do so because they are inconsiderate or because they have not applied for the access card, usually because they are owing GCD.

We have pressed GCD for the installation of a card reader with CCTV at the precinct’s entrance and exit. There are benefits. This can lead to the redeployment of the guard at this post to do something else that is useful. For example we could have a manned ‘Gate A’ so residents can go to the shop lots. We can’t buy a cup of coffee without having to travel a fair distance. Few would want to set up shop at a place where the prime customer base is shut out. Yet, if we ever get to read the rationale for the shop lots in GCD’s master plan for this development, I dare say it will be full of the “what a wonderful complement the shop units will be for the homeowners” variety. It is now not a pretty sight with many of the units farther in stripped of the shutters.

With the card reader, visitors can only get into the precinct with a temporary card issued at the boat house. That means get down to register like during the good old days when it was said that “Glenmarie Cove is guarded like Fort Knox”. Not Fort Knocked. Residents who do not have the card will have to do the same as well or they will not be able to go to their homes or exit unless they call the guard house each and every time.  What if they were to force the gates open or ram the boom. In that case, the CCTV will provide the evidence for damage claims and to facilitate police reports by the security company. This can be a useful deterrent against non payment of dues.

Let’s have some good feedback.

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33 Responses to Missing the guards already?

  1. These damn foreigners.

    Foreign looking men caught on camera breaking into a house in Jalan Batu Nilam 26, Bukit Tinggi on 20 April, 2013:

    Closeup of these damn foreigners:

    • yfyin says:

      Just to inform everyone, the same middle east like robbers robbed three more houses in Bukit Tinggi Batu Nilam 26 semi-D yesterday around 3 to 7 p.m.
      When spotted, they jumped into a black Estima. Their modus operandi, in jogging attire, pretending to exercise.

  2. lionelsharon says:

    Today I saw “POLIS” logo of a car parked in front of the boatguardhouse. We all know it is DRB Hicom Auxcillary guard vehicle. I noticed one morning this possible same car was rondering la. Anyway to see such vehicle”POLIS” is already a foresight deterrent and wonder how long it will carry out this “commercial” task. For sure it will help to boost sales by showing such “real” security interest by DRB Hicom. Insyallah is the word to mention again. God bless & omitophor.

  3. Gary says:

    The boss already clarified that GCROA is not the same as GCD. And Shirlee clarified that the usage of the fees will be transparent. Though I never thought otherwise but thank you for the information.

  4. Gary says:

    Now that everyone knows I have to defend myself in court against GCD, I might as well say this. There has so much talk about starting off on the right foot. How about GCD handing over on the right note. Come and deal with those with whom they have issues with. Forget suing, too slow, so unfriendly, so unpleasant and in fact makes things worse. Come and talk and I mean not just to the datuks, the super rich and influential. Come talk to the misters also. You know my email address gary.geh@gmail.com, hand over on the right note.

  5. Gary says:

    Found a sleeping guard on my way out this morning. Sleeping guard? Missing guard? All the same. they are not present in mind or body. This is why we the residents are not paying the security fees, what more with the recent break-ins. There are some among us who still pay, in hopes that things will change. What does GCD do? Take advantage of those who pay and send lawyer’s letters then sue in court those who withold payment. GCD is willing to sue over 3 – 4 thousand ringgit outstanding? Spending tonnes on lawyer’s fees? Instead, what GCD should do is to manage security and reinstate the faulty equipment, and I’m 100% sure payment will flow in. I have never heard of paying for a service which you have not and did not reveive. Those who think things are good under the current GCD management, I beg you to please show evidence of good security and good maintenance and not just words. What GCD is doing is similar to a plumber asking you for payment even before arriving then when he arrives, he says that his wrench is broken but already collected payment… leaves you with a leaky pipe and doesn’t fix till he gets a replacement wrench from Germany.

    (This comment has been edited).

    • If you have a picture of the guard, take it to Rafiq. He’s been under so much pressure lately and so fed up with GAM and NGF he may just put the guard to sleep.

      The mangagement under the GCROA will sue those who do not pay. We will have a budget for legal expenses and like GCD we will sue for all costs.

      I would think the reasons for all the effort and fight that culminates in the handover of maintenance and security services to the residents are fairly obvious. So why is there any need for anyone to show you evidence of good security and good security?

      • Gary says:

        If you read my comment properly, show evidence if you think the management under GCD is good and different from what you experience now. If you think that the Management under Ben Yeoh provides good services and treats the residents (customers) nicely and I’m not the only one who feels this way… then show evidence. I’m not asking for evidence that services and condition of GC is bad. That is obvious

        And if GCROA is gonna simple sue the residents for not paying for services which are not rendered. Then I believe that the GCROA is no different than its predesessor. Because this is what GCD is doing. We are not paying for a good reason and instead of bucking up, GCD chooses to put effort in suing the residents.

        • The GCROA takes on the mantle for only one reason and that is we will deliver the best job we can. I specifically told the Committee members before we embarked on the first discussion we had with GCD if we have any doubts at all, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Therefore you can rest assured we will not sue people if we are not providing the service.

          Do I think the management under Ben Yeoh provides good services? You read the blog, so do you really need an answer from me, of all people?

          Gary, your personal legal case with GCD is getting into your head!

          • Gary says:

            I doubt that I was asking for an answer from you on whether the management under Ben Yeoh is good. I believe I was merely stating my experience with the management and went on further to say that if anyone disagrees with me, then please by all means provide me with evidence (not just mere words). Otherwise if you agree with me then good no need to show evidence. Happy to hear that GCROA will be reasonable in its dealing and also efficient in its management and it means more hearing this from the president himself.

            Thank you for bringing up the legal case between GCD and me. In fact all my comments in this blog and other blogs you have blogged is based on my experience dealing with GCD’s management.

            (Other comments in this reply are withheld)

      • wkchoo says:

        Gary, I had my fair share of “experienced” with this deveoper and can write a thesis on it. However, I’ve move on and am sure many residents had gone thru it too. We are looking forward for a better things to come and hopefully our GCROA president could share with us the outcome of the meeting with DRM Hicom’s director yesterday. Moving forward or the same old same old?

    • boyscout2b says:

      Yeah, I saw the sleeping guard too this morning too around 6:30AM. I honked but he was blissfully doing his zzzzzzzzzz…….

    • shirleepoel says:

      Gary, I am sure your dealings with GCD must have been very unpleasant , enough to make you think that GCROA will be the same kettle of fish. How can that be? We are the residents working for the residents..What we want and get, you will get it too. What is there to prove ? If you don’t pay when it is due but want to see “performance” first, what will the GCROA management run on? Fresh air (no chance) and sunshine? Just remember that everyone’s task is voluntary and it is a non-profitable organisation..there is no chance to cheat you and masuk pocket. Be rest assured.

      • Gary says:

        We need to be careful what we are advocating. Trust needs to be earned. We pay for what is due to us and fair to the provider be it GCD or GCROA. the moment the provider fails to live up to its end of the bargain then I’m afraid they have to live on fresh air and sunshine. But as long as things are well on both ends if the spectrum why should anyone withhold payment? But please let’s not blindly follow.

  6. lionelsharon says:

    This evening there were guards at the precint 1 & 2 pondok again. I also want to share the feedback I got from a shorty guard this morning at 6-30am where he cycled so fast as though he was been chased. When I waved to him to stop and he told me he was rushing to clock the meter bcoz only one gadget to clock available. I was not sure what he meant. The fact that he cycled like a lightning stike , how on earth can he see the surrounding around him. It is joke as well as silly to observe such situation. Residents just needs to wait for good development and insyallah.

  7. Sanjit Das writes:

    I find it uncomfortable to see a guard being deployed just to press the button and salute. I’d rather use the access cards (as and when the reader is fixed) and have the guard  take/follow the visitor’s vehicle (to the address he/she wants to go) on his motorbike – this would further establish if the visitor actually is going to the mentioned house or is a potential burglar. 

    Also, is there really a guard post on P2 jetty? It is the most crucial security point as burglars can also come on a boat! I do see the guards on the bicycle sometimes but it will be good to have some sort of guard house there too?

    Completely agree on the access gate (perhaps with a card reader?) for residents to the shop lot, driving a distance to access the shop lot bang opposite the house is rather ridiculous!

  8. channi213 says:

    The guards at P1 and P2 should be re instated immediately 24/7, until the card readers are re installed by GCD. They should not just be pressing buttons and letting cars in and out. They should be instructed to stop every car without a sticker to show their visitor pass. This activity will irritate the defaulters who are enjoying a free ride.
    DRB Hicom and GCD should not be sitting in their offices and ordering changes without discussing with residents first.
    Please do not take away what little we have!!!

  9. We need guards at access points to P1 and P2. These are the main entrances to each of the precincts. If the guards were to stop all cars without P1 or P2 stickers and check if they have visitor cards, they will be doing a better job than cycling around, plus having a guard there is a deterrent, even if not 100%. A guard cycling along DB1 is not going to be able to know if someone has driven through the open barriers and is breaking in at DB5. I’m not paying security fees until I start feeling safe again.

  10. boyscout2b says:

    What was the conclusion at the meeting last Sunday about the break ins? I was unable to attend as I had visitors.

    • In police jargon, the case is still pending investigation.

      There is a suspect for the first case. This is seen on the CCTV when you view it on the system at the boat house. The Polis had asked for and was provided with a copy of the footage. Victim #1 obtained a copy from the Polis and in turn provided me with it. But nobody can view it on the computer. The “h.264” CCTV format is quite a popular format but just google “cannot view H264 on my computer” and you will get loads of feedback and suggestions but nothing works. Upshot, the supplier will deal with this or it will end up as unsolved.

      On Thursday, April 18, 2013, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

  11. Gary says:

    Excellent point there Santok… why do we need to guard the dilapitated pier and why do we need to guard the car park. The car park can serve as a visitor’s car park to seri santai but seri santai is no longer ours as it has been claimed for GCD’s sales work and most of the time only Ben Yeoh is parked at that car park. Is he paying security fees? I think not. so he also is enjoying free services like the rest who don’t pay. Should send him a lawyer’s letters and drag him to court too.

    • Who told you that Seri Santai was ours to begin with? Ben Yeoh is an employee of GCD for goodness sake who like the rest of the employees get to use the car park. Criticize them for sloppy work or poor performance by all means but stop the inane comments.

      Forget the damn car park. It is not going to be our problem from 1 July, God willing.

      Look, we will consult the security company we hire to relook the whole place. The river front is something we should look into. Should there be manned posts to keep constant watch or just a guard cycling through the darkness? Okay, we’ll get the lights to work.

      • Gary says:

        The impression we got when things were friendlier was that Seri Santai was ours and was something we could be proud of. It was sold to us as if that would eventually be our clubhouse. GCD was very careful not to put this in writing. As you have right pointed out and indeed Seri Santai was not ours to begin with. Employees of GCD are of course allowed to park there like any employee of a company, Ben Yeoh no less but my point in agreement with Santok is why the need for a guard there, moreover a guard whose services the residents are paying for.

  12. santok1950 says:

    There are other options. There is a guard everyday at the decommissioned jetty in P1. What use is he. He could do the rounds and exchange this duty with the guards at the entry gate at P1 and P2, This way they all take part in doing the rounds and also man the entry points. It is important to have a guard at the entry points as it acts as a deterrent if nothing else
    There is also a guard at the car park in Seri Santai – what for? He could also take part in doing the rounds, and still spend some time in the car park (doing god knows what) But as usual if anything requires a bit of thinking it is beyond DRB
    Hicom and GCD

    • In the near future, our responsibility starts from the boat house. All things Seri Santai belong to GCD.

      P1 entrance is so close to the boat house, a guard there is wholly unnecessary if you have a card reader. Even Yin agrees so what more is there to argue? There would been more break-ins if not for the mere presence of a do nothing guard?

      A post at gate A can oversee that stretch to P2 and monitor the fence along Jalan Daamar.

      On Thursday, April 18, 2013, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

  13. yfyin says:

    I would agree 100% to all that you have mentioned up there.

    • Anba says:

      I will agree in having a card access systems at both entrance of P1 and P2 and get the guards to make their rounds. I was informed by the DRB-Hicom head of security, who visited my house after the break in, that the card access systems to P1 and P2 will be implemented. He instructed Rafiq to look into the following and get back to him. Staying in DB1 street, my main concern is the Gate C entrance, until today there are no proper SOP in how the gate should be operated. I’ve seen many vehicles using the Gate C and there are no records on the movements of the vehicles. The following need to be highlight to GCD again.

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