Give Them Names

GCD is inviting residents to name the new clubhouse and the jetty in Precinct 2.

Have a go and win a hamper (courtesy of GCD) and a bottle of wine (from GCROA). This contest is open to all residents. However GCD and GCROA reserves the right not to pick any of the names suggested in the unlikely event no suitable name is given.

Santok Singh (V-P GCROA) has suggested “The Damar Clubhouse” as he feels this encapsulates both Damar Laut and Damar Bayu.  This deserves  a can of beer at the very least.

Now, do you have a better name? Tell us your rationale for the suggested name. The words clubhouse and jetty are not mandatory in the name. Earn brownie points with your recommended font or typeface as there is space on a wall where the name will be displayed. More points for the lighting recommendation and get that feeling of achievement when you come down the bridge and see your  creation.

The new clubhouse looks great. The final layout can be viewed here.

Also, is anyone keen to run a café? Submit your proposal to the GCROA if you are keen.

Finally, please settle your outstanding bills to pave the way for a fresh start.

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58 Responses to Give Them Names

  1. Hurry! Contest ends midnight Sunday, 21 April, 2013.

  2. Gary says:

    Balai… As in balai seni lukis negara. Balai… As in balai desa.

  3. Gary says:

    Some suggestions for the clubhouse name:-
    Balai Samudera
    Balai Sutera
    Puri Kencana
    Puri Damar
    Puri Samudera
    Seri Sutera
    Seri Samudera
    Sutera Damar

  4. channi213 says:

    .My nominations….
    “Dee Club House” “Dee” for either “The” or “Damar”

    As for the P2 pier
    “Kampong Bayu Pier” As there is a shack being built,,I guess start of many,

  5. Daren says:

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    • darenong says:

      Test site is up and running.

      Please join as new member and test it – ANYWAY you want. No worries on ‘breaking it’ whatsoever .. hee …

      p/s I can help in administration on the website, you have 100% full control but there will be fees for GCROA own domain name (such as and web hosting. The link above is for testing on the community website. At the moment, I’m using my own hosting and domain with a subdomain, so it is free for testing :Þ

      This test page will be ONLINE until : –
      1) GCROA wants to do own hosting and domain
      2) Webspace is a problem for me
      3) GCROA community think there is no need for such community website


  6. shirleepoel says:

    okay, okay..for joke’s sake. ..i think we should name the clubhouse “The Facade” hehehehe

  7. yfyin says:

    My new suggestion for clubhouse’s name is – The White Heron. as every evening there is a flock of heron resting at the tree branches at the riverside. This name is out of the box compare to Seri something :)~~

  8. From Agnes Mok nee Lim:

    For clubhouse: Chill Out @ Glenmarie Cove

    For jetty: The Float @ Glenmarie Cove

  9. rlshawnie says:

    I was at the clubhouse to check it out this afternnon at 5.00 pm, and have this to comment: The sun shines on the entire area of the main “hall” and it’s hot even at that hour. I would like to suggest if it’s possible to replace the glass louvre panels with aluninium louvre panel. Given the height of this windows,I don’t think it will reduce the brightness of the area. mind you, I am all for natural light as much as possible. Another possibility is constructing a seperate aluninium louvre panel with frame and install it a couple of feet away from the window.
    By the way what about “The Mangrove” for the clubhouse name.

    • I think a separate aluminium louvre panel a couple of feet away from the window will not be an aesthetic improvement to the building.

      Perhaps a more practical and cheaper approach is to affix a reflective tint on the glass louvres.

      On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 9:19 PM, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

  10. mahaza88 says:

    Not original and it might be construed partial but ” Sri Bayu ” is a nice sounding name and connotation for a clubhouse…….or a even boat, to my mind…ha ha

    • The fellas in Damar Laut will have a fit, I guess.

    • darenong says:

      We should call it Everybody Can Use Clubhouse and Anybody Can Use Pier … serves the purpose all find and dandy … just saying .. this comment doesn’t carry any monetary value .. no, not even 2 cents 😀 but but but owners HAVE TO pay for all security and maintenance charges that’s including for any repair or upkeep of Everybody Can Use Clubhouse and Anybody Can Use Pier …

  11. keatyap says:

    Suggestion : 1. The Mirto 2.The Seville 3. The Recco
    We should give some simple and elegants name for the club house.Just my 2cents.

  12. yfyin says:

    I suggest the name : Glenmarie Cove Residents’ Clubhouse 1. Since there will be Clubhouse 2 later for Precinct 3 and 4 if the developer starts making things right which are all way overdue!.
    For the P2 jetty : Gelama Pier, would sound appropriate, the most common fish found after Duri Pier.

  13. Sze Fook Lim says:

    The Cove Club ‘cos it rhymes with club and this place is a cove and Kurau Pier following Senagin Pier. Note : the kurau is the big brother of the senagin.

  14. Sharmila says:

    For clubhouse: Seri Damai, The Damai House, Damai Cove, Harmoni

    For P2 jetty: Duyung Pier, Sebarau Pier, Kalui Pier, Belida Pier, Sampan Pier (oops!)

  15. If clubhouse is just for Bayu and Laut residents, how about Sea Breeze Club, English translation of Laut and Bayu.

  16. shirleepoel says:

    Calvindb2 and wkchoo…i see what Johan means though please bear in mind, i do not speak for him or anyone else but myself : )
    See, it is only fair for all to pay up whatever is owing , regardless , in order for us to move on to a new page. Picture this….i have been so far a pretty good pay master , should i ask for a refund since no one is going to pay up or not all have paid up and all these while, part of my very little monetary contribution has and is still paying for whatever service we have gotten so far, good or bad.? Imagine no one have paid up, then they will be harder pressed for money (this is irrespective where the money went) and either way, neglect will beget neglect.

    • calvindb2 says:

      Like you Shirlpoel, I was also paying faithfully until 2 quarters ago when things got so frustratingly unbearable. In recognizing that there is strength in unity, the call from GCROA to withhold payment was duly heeded.

      So if there is a change of call now, we are basically asking the rationale behind it. If we are moving on to a new page, is it of a new book or the same old same old? Are we to pay up and put up with the same crap!!!!

      Unlike you Shirlpoel, it does matter to me the quality of service I get for the money I pay. Also, it does matter to me where the money goes to.

      So Johan, if GCROA is changing the call, what has changed? Again, please enlighten us.

      • GCD is essentially willing to pass on the management of security and maintenance operations to the property owners/residents with effect from 1 July, 2013 if feasible. This is something that is expected to happen in due course and for GC the time has arrived. And the impression from the meeting on Sunday is that the residents are willing to take on the mantle if GCD is willing to part with the ‘control’. In a situation like this the developer will normally look to the official residents’ association to take the lead and over the course of the next few weeks the GCROA committee will examine the cost structure for this task and then call for an extraordinary general meeting to seek the approval of the members. We will present the budget so all members are aware of what the new charges will be like. We will also go into the details of how the operations will be managed.

        Let me deal with the recent call that was made to withhold the payment for security charges until the security review we wanted over the first break-in has been completed. The report was meant to be the ‘insurance policy’ to ensure that the current security provider(s) will be removed. Well, I’m assured that will happen even if residents do not accept the handover of the responsibility. Note that the security from the boat house onward will be in the hands of the residents, if you all want that. If GCD wishes to and can find a replacement before July 1, that’s fine but it was felt that since residents get to pick their own company, the present provider can be kept on with proper supervision by GCD/GAM to minimise the upheaval.

        So let us move on in good faith that the and settle the charges so payments will continue to flow to the guards.

        In respect of maintenance, we want transparency and that is what residents will get under the new management company. The clubhouse will be managed by the residents.

        I know it required a lot of noise to get the grounds properly maintained especially when MPK did not takeover the common areas. But the contractors are back on the scene and while it may not be the perfection you seek, improvements are being made. There are still hang ups, however.

        The boardwalk lighting is still kaput and the lagoon between P1/P2 is still stagnant and the ramp is still unusable. These matters will be dealt with at Thurday’s meeting with DRB’s official.

        I must also stress that residents must address the need for a sinking fund. I think it is a huge failure on the part of the developer not to address this issue from day 1. Frankly if there had been a sinking fund from the beginning and the target was to accumulate RM100,000 per year there would be RM600,000 in the kitty today to address the big-ticket repair needs. *This must be put right under the new deal. *Equipment may need replacement as it becomes too expensive to maintain. Think about the filtration equipment in the new clubhouse. The boardwalk may have sunk a little but when you put a contractor on the job the costs add up and there is no budget for it.

        It is difficult for any developer to spend with no clear path for recovery.

        The fault lies with GCD because they never reviewed the rates for so many years and never sought a solution to overcome the problem. GCD had spared us the higher charges that are levied elsewhere and they allowed us to keep in our pockets what should have gone into a sinking fund. There is a lot of chicken or egg in this.

        So let us move on and do what is right in the new deal.

        On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 1:15 AM, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

      • calvindb2 says:

        Johan, thanks for your response. I now have better understanding on why the call was made. Certainly looking forward to things getting better. A glimmer of hope at least.

        Just wondering why Damai and not Damar. After all the whole precinct 1 and 2 are tied with the word Damar. Furthermore it is along Jalan Damar so it is quite apt. That’s my 2 cents’ worth.

        • The jury is still out on the name. We’ll shortlist three to five names and the members can vote on the name when we have the EGM for for the takeover of the services.

          Damai, I suppose, reminds everyone we should live in harmony and not do things that will upset your neighbors (like building a 7ft fence around your house – Daren eh?) or be a pain in the A, revving your motorbike at 2:00 AM.

          On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

      • shirleepoel says:

        Calvindb2, everyone has their own grouses with GCD. Some harp on lightings, some on security , some on the new clubhouse , some on common area maintenance…etc etc… the list is endless and the wants and needs are it is not …. sigh…like quality of service was not important to me. Just that some have more bollocks than the rest to forge on. I guess you do

    • yfyin says:

      Wah!, you must be loaded maybe millions in FD, are willing to pay for “bad” services as well!, I can’t say that for myself as my dad did not leave me a heap of gold, but is willing to share the cost of whatever services that are really rendered. I don’t pay mong cha chalah.

      • shirleepoel says:

        Yfyin..i have got plenty leaves blowing my way, i’ll donate it to you, you perhaps have Midas touch, you’d turn it to gold and then you will have money loh

      • yfyin says:

        Shirlee, If I am a King in Malaysia, we would be living in a DEVELOPED COUNTRY today and all this complaints we have do not exist.
        If you have plenty leaves blowing your way( your house), don’t pay GCD to clear it as MPK has taken over last August.

        There is a on-line website from MPK where you can register and submit all your complaints within minutes.
        I’ll share this to all who don’t know yet, the web address is :
        Just go to the web , register as new user with ID name and Pass word for future log in.
        Once in, select 1) Aduan. 2) Types of complaint like : Rumput panjang or Semak Samun or lain-lain. 3) Area : Klang Selatan. 4) select Jalan Teluk Gong. 5) Title: Banyak daun di depan halaman rumah. 6) Your address. 7) Detail descriptions of your complaints and finally press the “SIMPAN” icon and an automated reply would be sent to your e-mail with reference number.
        I have tried this and they did clear the rubbish near my office area.

      • shirleepoel says:

        Yfyin..thanks for the website.. I don’t really have a complain (unless i demand GC to remove all trees) My only peeve is that I wished the garden refuse were collected more frequent than twice a month..
        As for the leaves, sigh.. I sweep but I don’t complain but just willing to donate to those who want some leaves to complete the picture of a real garden….For me to write in to complain and for MPK to really do something about, the only course of action for them would be to let 1 MPK labour camp under my tree. Let’s say : ) that i am unfortunate enough to be the 2nd house from the corner and not someone snug in the middle row. ah…i have learned to live with it. I pretend they are money i am sweeping and i sweep with relish. It’s also a good bicep/tricep workout.

      • I take all these as friendly banter. I am not sure to whom you were responding. I thought you were writing in response to Daren so I called him to invite him for dim sum and yum cha. Wanted to butter him up A LOT since he has so much money in FD. But Daren says you were responding to me and that’s okay because I do not want to discourage comments. So let me clarify that my dad left me RM1214.65, before funeral expenses. But his devotion to the family and the example he set was indeed priceless.

        Shirlee, the contractor engaged by MPK to sweep the roads in the precincts carries out his job on a daily basis but it is impossible for him to sweep all roads daily because of the sheer volume of leaves. The current dry spell exacerbates the problem. His pet wish is for GC to cut down the trees we now have and replant with a species that does not shed so much leaves!

        Anyway, we will be talking to this contractor over the additional services we will be happy to consider. For example we can have him water the grass verges on the roads within the precincts.

      • yfyin says:

        Yes!, friendly responses, we are all sitting in the same boat here, try to make things better for all, for Shirlee’s peeve that she hopes the garden refuse were collected more frequent than twice a month..
        There are 3 choices in MPK web, they are: Aduan/ Cadangan/Permohonan. You can submit your suggestion to have the garden refuse collected weekly giving the reasons that there are more trees here or something. This is what our assessments are paid for.

      • darenong says:

        I can reply to yfyin’s original post (by clicking the word REPLY at the end of his Tuesday 16th April 2013 at 6:12 pm post – you search the date and time you will get to his post) but not replying (don’t have a reply button) to his ‘responses’ .. so Im not sure if this message would be placed right below yfyin’s post or under his latest response which is by Johann (Administrator) ..

        Note to President : is the community software that I mentioned earlier – they won People’s Choice for Best Social Networking Solution 2013 and it is pretty similar to Facebook but you get to control on what’s to be displayed and what’s to be hidden for an all-age community website. I think it is time to upgrade GCROA’s website to a full blown official professional website that I KNOW WILL BENEFIT everybody! Cost to run it in terms of web address and web space – as little as $4.95/mo. by (recommended by – they give FREE SSL certificate which most web space provider charge in the hundreds and thousands – every important main website needs SSL Certificate eg. microsoft, google, facebook, yahoo etc etc) .. erm I can help with the implementation :Þ sample website yeah it’s mine :þ

  17. shirleepoel says: more thing..the Damar Clubhouse (as per Santokh’s suggestion)
    is apt and represents the whole community regardless Prec. 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever…hehe I give him 1 brownie point

  18. shirleepoel says:

    It is good to keep the name Seri or Sri whatever the original spelling is… Keep the Bayu.
    Call it Seri Bayu…

  19. lionelsharon says:

    With all the hype of 1 prefix like 1Malaysia, how about 1GC Club!

  20. calvindb2 says:

    “Finally, please settle your outstanding bills to pave the way for a fresh start.”

    Hi Johan, I am litlle confused. This could be due to the gap in my understanding of what has happened. I wasn’t present in yesterday’s informal meeting.

    Unless something has changed drastically concerning the issue of security and maintenance, why are you exhorting GCROA members to pay up? I thought the reasons for most of us withholding payment were bcos of security and maintenance and NOT the clubhouse.

    Pls enlighten. Tx.

    • wkchoo says:

      I was in yesterday meeting. However, I’m at the same wavelength with Calvin….little confused.

    • yfyin says:

      I agree with Calvin, until all repairs and rectifications are done to the broken down : P2 boardwalk lightings, Security barriers, Crooked ramp, Jetty, fencing & etc it is unfair that we pay for the non-performance on maintenance charges By GCD.
      As far as I know, all complaint letters sent to either GCD or HQ are ignored and not replied officially. This gives me the impression that they are arrogant and treat us customers with no respect at all..
      I am looking forward to a new management and try to catch up with my hobby. Time flies, GCD can’t give us back our youth man!

  21. boyscout2b says:

    I would like to name the P2 jetty as the Layang-Layang Pier (in the same vein as Senangin Pier) as P2 theme is “Bayu” or “breeze”. Layang-layang could mean “kite” or “swallows/swiftlets” depending on context.
    The clubhouse should just be known as “Glenmarie Cove Clubhouse” as it will serve the entire GC community (unless they build another one for P3/4)

  22. darenong says:

    GC-ROC – Glenmarie Cove Resident and Owners Clubhouse –

  23. Huwaina Husin writes:

    I’d like to name it – The Bayu Laut. 🙂

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