Why like that?

Xavierbayu has asked: Is there any feed back from GCD or they just pretend it never happened!

We are waiting for GCD to respond and I have asked for a telling review of the operations by NGF guards during the two hours before the first break-in. Read this post.

Mr. Rafiq should be able to complete the report this week and I know he is gathering the information but if GCD fails to deliver such a simple report then we will escalate our action.

I’d like to show the blog activity for yesterday and the concern over security, as expected in any gated and guarded community, is significant. People are reading negative news and only idiot organizations will covet this.

blogstats_9Apr13The ‘wave through – any one can enter’ antics are plain to the eye, yet it went on. Why was GCD unable or unwilling to put an end to this?

Where was GAM in all this? What value has this intermediary brought to the table?

Residents are supposed to be using the right-hand lane as the system is designed but the guards are happily letting them through the left- hand lane. Why?

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6 Responses to Why like that?

  1. Minerva Yang says:

    yesterday we went to the GCD office to check something about purchasing land in GC. when we mentioned those break-in cases, it seemed they had nothing to say…

  2. Come on, not just when it rains.

    • wkchoo says:

      We do see the guards occasionally cycling from one point to another clocking their round (clocking in with the black box “strategically located” at certain place), waving at you when they saw residents, if not they will just racing from one point to the next. They did not know the real purpose of this exercise other than “clocking it”. Shouldn’t they observe slowly from one place to the next ?? When its raining, no one is doing the rounding and this is the best time for intruders (the first breakin happened on raining time). Few of us were chatting yesterday night and its drizzling for about 2 hours and we did not see a soul rounding……

    • xavierbayu says:

      Thank You , Mr.Chairman for the reply. I am in opinion with you , regards to the value GAM has in their service.

  3. wkchoo says:

    While waiting for the report (it might not come), I urge all to collectively taking an immediate action to prevent further occurence. GCROA shall take the lead and it should not be prolong any longer. Two other residents and I went to the guard hse yesterday and found out that there was no supervisor around and they are not briefed on the latest break-in and clueless (they just heard from their fellow guards during shift change). Zero zero zero supervision and leadership in this guardhouse which are supposed to be our first line of defense. Rafiq, NGF or GAM or whoever have to get their act right fast and we demand immediate remedy and do not care of their finger pointing at each other. Mr. President, the reports are good for improvement later and suggest to meet DRB Hicom’s directors directly and beef up the security immediately. We cannot afford the waiting any longer. (I’ve aready increased my personal rounding and just to let u know that all guards are fully hibernated during raining time…..)

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