It’s four up!

Well, I have just received a call from the fourth break-in victim living in Damar Bayu 1 and a member of the GCROA Committee.

What in the world is happening? This while the investigating officer from Balai Polis Pandamaran was busy reviewing the CCTV recording at he guard house for the earlier cases.

The MO is the same – entry via the back door. Those with empty homes at the back should be extra careful.

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20 Responses to It’s four up!

  1. lionelsharon says:

    Mr. President. This call for an urgent meeting discussion to find an amicably solution while the police is still investigating. It cannot happened that 4 incidents and police is still investigating while we live in a dire strait. We need escalation. Without prejudice , what is GCD action ? watching !!! Therefore we need to execute under GCROA action plan.

  2. lionelsharon says:

    Left the house 6:30am for work and saw the guard letting in 2 bicycled workers without uniform. What time should these contract workers including gardeners be allowed in? I am also very suspicious of the “boat people”, they do look rough and getting quite out of control. They park their vehicles and litter the areas around the jetty like no body’s business.

    GCD, if you do read this blog, you must realize the residents are sending you an urgent SOS!!!! Guards still taking things easily, “boat people” come and go as they like, no improvement whatsoever! Please do not wait until you have an armed robbery before taking these break-ins seriously. Change the whole team of guards if you have to, bring in the guard dogs if you have to ….

  3. darenong says:

    I think them pirates do all those houses in 1 or 2 nights …im not suprise if there r fifth, sixth, etc empty occupied houses being broken into … Someone ask gcd to inform all owners to report if their weekend houses is still in 1 piece or is in scattered pieces …

  4. rlshawnie says:

    lest I forgot… coming back from my outing today (4.18 pm), drove all the way to the barrier at boathouse (visitor lane) as we know resident lane not accessible, I purposely wave at the guard without showing my resident card and sure enough he let me through. and again coming back from dinner about an hour ago or so (did not look at the clock), did the same and get the same result. After all this, it’s still business as usual for some idiot… I rest my case…..

  5. rlshawnie says:

    This I believe is the straw that broke the camel’s back. 😦 … I would like to suggest that the four owners of the burgled houses to sue GCD and/or GAM for negligence and breaching the terms laid down in its brochures and terms agreed contractually in the DMC. Refer court case reported in Star paper in May 08, 2004. Resident of Sierramas (businessman) was burgled. He sued the developer and the court award the plaintif. Conclusion this test case makes the developer liable as in our situation right now. So I say SUE GCD for every single cent that you lost. By the way, the sierramas owner was awarded RM487,000.00 (loss plus interest)

  6. kayzng says:

    May be we should go to press, I am thinking to write to sin chew tomorrow.
    But it’s probably better to do it through gcroa, what’s the view from the rest?
    Agreed with choo, we should really act fast, relying on gcd is not a wise move, especially with our family at stake.

  7. Minerva Yang says:

    Unbelievable! It happened again and again! All happened near my home! Who will be the next one?

  8. wkchoo says:

    GCROA committees, let have an urgent meeting and take immediate action to protect our home. We can’t be sitting in front of computer and writing comments….

  9. yfyin says:

    Ya, I agree with Shirlee, if there are no burglars coming in from the boat house at night and all incidents happened during the night, more or less they are done by workers hiding in anyone of the construction unit, the next possibilities are they came in by boat. Damar Bayu 1 is the road where you have a guard overlooking the whole road 24hrs a day!.

    • janicepykwong says:

      Damar Bayu 1 was really busy today. Sobri n his family were cutting grasses few houses away from the victim’s hse.

  10. dl2a15 says:

    Should we have one meet up, say tonight at Seri Santai to work something out?

  11. boyscout2b says:

    Which street in P2? When did this happen ? Same black van or car? What can we do to protect ourselves?!!

  12. calvindb2 says:

    Looks like they have found a happy hunting ground. Same modus operandi?

    What are we to do besides being lame ducks? Rukun tetangga?

  13. shirleepoel says:

    Gosh, this is scary, i just cannot believe what i am reading.
    Johan, re the third break-in which happened at 3.30am , this one with the car right? What is the time frame where the cctv was played back? it would roughly take them 1/2 hr or less to take what they want and vamoose…perhaps should try to view up to 4.30 or even 5…Not many people would leave the estate at that any cars seen leaving would be most likely the culprit.

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