Third Break-in

Third break-in occurred on Sunday,  7 April at around 3:30 AM, this morning on Damar Bayu 3B, the house diagonally across the house of the first victim. Owner came to check today after he was alerted by the gardener.

More dramatic this time as the action was caught on the CCTV camera of the adjoining lot. An NGF guard was overheard saying that he believes the car caught on tape may still be inside GC!

I’ll let you have more details as they emerge.

Meanwhile please look out the best you can for neighbors who do not live here full-time.

Please be vigilant at all times because there seems nothing this security company can do to stop what is happening. Next up could be breaking into homes with occupants and threatening injury unless they get what they want. Who wants to bet this won’t happen?

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  1. Gary says:

    Just heard this from a friend living in ambang botanic… “For information: last week at Ambang Botanic a robbery break in by 6 masked men and got away wth RM 300 K plus. They tell the guard at entrance how is it that their Card cannot scan and the bodoh guard without further checking let them in. Once in the gated compound they put their mask on and went to a particular house…some body I know. Robbers all chinese and very stylo milo. B extra carefull.”

  2. darenong says:

    Errr.. I don’t think farewell party is a good idea … by then

  3. darenong says:

    Bcos ha, I met one genius told me otherwise ma … he said that rule only apply to semi dees …. for a moment I was like .. let me ask Mr Johann the Man Foo -yohh ..

    Tq for the clarifications, you’re the best. I wanna grow up just like you.

  4. Darenong says “but but but .. I don’t give a rat’s ass if my neighbor is unhappy over my action for my family’s security .. do you ?”.

    Personally, I also don’t care for rat’s ass. The DMC says you cannot build a fence around your house. If you build one we’ll ignore the rat’s ass but come after yours.

    • darenong says:

      For semi dees and bungalows it applies ? R u sure ? Cos I’m not, please confirm sir, your words are as good as gold ..

      • Oi, we have only semi dees and bungalows. What else can it apply to? The relevant bye-law is 2(b) in the Third Schedule, which states:

        Fencing of the frontage said Lot whether by construction of brick wall or by the cultivation of hedges or otherwise is permitted provided always that such fencing shall be at least thirty (30) feet or of such distance as the vendor may in its absolute discretion deem appropriate from the front boundary of the said Lot and the approval of the Vendor [GCD] as to the design and type has been obtained prior to the construction thereof which consent may be granted or refused at the Vendor’s absolute discretion.

        The rule is applicable to all owners. Owners of bungalows have the added right to pay more service charges.

  5. xavierbayu says:

    What is happening with Security Services?

    • darenong says:

      What security ? All I see is aimless embodied soul and they learn to salute whilst working at GC. I did not see any form of security … my dog give better security .. they bark and will bite !

  6. yfyin says:

    For a start, I would suggest that all residents be provided the access card. No owners are allowed access without the access card or they would have to register every single time they come in and out. Then, the guards would be able to concentrate 100% on just visitors and contractors.

  7. Gary says:

    Can each of us do this….
    At night, when you go out to throw the rubbish, take a walk or cycle, if you see a vehicle that does not belong to your neighbour or a vehicle with a visitors card but parked at the entrance of the jetty, or parked at an empty house or just plain suspiscious…. alert your street rep. The suspiscious vehicle needs to be checked and if we’re wrong, then ok. Just need to explain that there has been alot of break-ins lately.

    Can we each agree that at night, stricty no visitors or handy man allowed into GC without calling the owner first. Owner not contactable, visitor must be rejected.

    I’m willing to do this.

  8. Gary says:

    Can we enforce the rule where
    1) no renovation arter 6pm and all contractors must leave the premises and no stay over
    –> this includes the building of the fishing platform

    In addition, all renovations and construction be halted (including the fishing platform) until investigations are complete. Meanwhile, all contractors/workers must register by giving their ID in order to continue work.

    Jetties to be inaccessible after 10pm (until investigations are solved) and no foreign boats are allowed to dock. No visitors (registered and unregistered) allowed on the jetty.

    Until investigations are completed. Can this be done?

  9. janicepykwong says:

    The robbers are getting more and more daring. After the first two break-ins they still continue the next day, despite residents are on the high alert. Where is the guard? I thought they suppose to go around every few mins or so. FYI last week at Ambang the thieves break-in with parangs when owners are at home too. These thieves first started last yr many cases at houses without anyone inside. Guards at Ambang are armed, they have fierce dogs and yet the thieves are so daring. Meanwhile rather than relying too much on our guards, perhaps installing alarm, grill and CCTV will be an added advantage.

  10. darenong says:

    I can handle shovel n look good in nunchucks .. Pls text me or call .. Anytime of any day

  11. Don’t expect present guards to approach suspects even if they see them – they’ll run the other way. Furthermore if guards suspected that the car was still in GC, it would not have taken much to drive around and look for the car. They need to get off their @&$*$ and do their job. Support going to GCD office and demanding the 3-level security they are supposed to provide. Right now it’s Level 3 insecurity.

  12. santok1950 says:

    The best reason why GCROA should take over security at both Precinct 1 and 2

  13. lionelsharon says:

    Things always start small and can only get bigger ……. Ambang Botanic have their fair share of break-ins and very recently their first serious armed robbery. Their guards seem to be unable to catch their thieves too so how sure are we our guards could be better? High suspicion their thieves are renovation companies in cohort with some guards. A theory is that the thieves are given access by people living in the vicinity itself, so the same scenario could be true with our precincts.

    I support the idea we should march to GCD office and demand “our terms” on how they should improve the security. They do not give a damn about the rules governing the construction workers neither do they give a hoot about their own house rules and regulations.

    • wkchoo says:

      I support the idea too and we cannot be living in fear in our own hse. Letter been sent to GCD and if no response from them, just go ahead with the idea. All residents will definately support it.

  14. darenong says:

    My mother said building fences is not a bad idea after all lol

  15. shirleepoel says:

    When my dog takes me for evening walks, i so see many workers around the estate and also those who are working on that ugly floating contraption . I don’t think the guards have any inkling about the possibility of some workers who are secretly staying in those houses (which are under renovation) . We are being observed and we don’t know because there are so many workers working on so many different sites.
    : (

    Sorry i digress, on another note..Whose idea is it to build that humongous ugly looking floating contraption at our jetty? It may look new and nice but give it some rain and sunshine , in time to come, what do we have ? A delapitated floating junk. I sure hope they’d float it to the other side and stay put !

  16. I have just spent a couple of hours looking at two CCTV recordings and it has been a disappointing night.

    The recording by the neighbor of the third victim on DB3B shows what appears to be headlights of a car parked on DB2 at 3:29 am, 7 April (Sunday). A few seconds later the lights in the targeted house came on and the headlights went dark. The house lights were switched off at 3:31 am. No figures can be seen in the footage.

    I reviewed the second recording by the house on DB2 diagonally across the targeted house and I expected this camera to show the presence of a car that emitted the light mentioned above. Nothing. Absolutely nothing! I’m truly baffled.

    • darenong says:

      No figure bcos it is deleted, or what u said is scripted ?

    • yfyin says:

      Johann, just a note to you, if you are comparing two different CCTV recordings, you must make sure that both recorder has the same dates and time, some recorder could have inaccurate time due to weak memory battery or some the reorder was not adjusted to the correct date and time right from the very beginning.
      If that is the case, you could be viewing recording from a different day.

      • I made sure of that and yes there was a five-minute difference in time between the two sources. So we took account of the difference,

        I now believe it was not a car headlight at 3:29 am. More likely a torch light. There was only one light; a car would have two.

        On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 10:02 PM, Glenmarie Cove Residents and Owners Associati

  17. darenong says:

    Seriously, to house owners .. How much more of these nutjob is enough for u all to start marching to gc office with torch n shovel n demand some type of proper security ? I see a pattern here very similar to the case before the white honda city’s accident … Just pass me a shovel n ill walk along with u .. Probably walking at the back though … Dont shoot the messenger this is not sparta .. Heee

  18. darenong says:

    Inside job … ? Thats the dumbest plot EVER

  19. yfyin says:

    On Saturday, the witness saw a black van and this morning 3.30a.m. the robbers are using a car. If there are recordings, I am sure it is not hard to match the CCTV image from the boat house.
    If the vehicle is still inside GC, it could be an inside job, it is not difficult to spot the car once we know what make it is as GC is a gated area unless the car comes with an outboard engine and can be converted into a boat.
    Again, if all the CCTVs at the river front and along the second entrance boom gate is in working condition, it would have captured all the incidents and the guards from the boat house can see what is happening and catch the robbers on the spot.

  20. boyscout2b says:

    I don’t understand why NGF could not identify the culprits! I spoke to Capt Sarjani of NGF this evening and NGF still was unable to identify the black van from the 1st break in on Sat (April 6)! Yes, please release the CCTV footage from the neighbors in the hope someone may recognise the car/van/people!

  21. lionelsharon says:

    We have to initiate immediate action to put in place the strictest SOP on security procedures. Otherwise it will be highly dangerous if these thieves take GC as a free for all spree. Then we need to engage armed guard on our very own or own row or each precint to safeguard our residency that we can all sleep soundly. It is imperative action to be taken immediately at all costs.

  22. wkchoo says:

    Just came back from cycling around P2 and river walkway and i did not see any security guard rounding. They still take it easy!!! I saw 3 cars without visitor tag at the road side to P2 jetty and there were 3 to 4 mans(outsiders) working on the boathouse chatting and laughing away. Why is this allowed? We should all make our stand now. We shall take action fast among ourselves and demand changes asap. (9.39pm)

  23. darenong says:

    Best time to ENFORCE – if NO CARD, must step down and register yourself by giving your ID CARD, MUST STEP DOWN .. owner, visitor all MUST COMPLY … fair ?

  24. darenong says:

    Please show the cctv footage .. some might recognize them …

  25. rlshawnie says:

    This is not easy meat. Looks like it’s free for all……damn!!! Is the car clearly record on tape? Post the description of the car here for all to know and hopefully we might get some result. Urgent.

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