Suspend Payment for Security Charges

Following the break-ins that had occurred,  the GCROA has asked for a review of the security operations.

All GCROA members are requested to cooperate by suspending your payment for security charges (if you have still not  paid) until the review is completed and the desired fixes are implemented.

Below is the text of the letter to GCD.


To GCD Management:

The GCROA requests that GCD urgently conduct a review of the the security operations between 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on the night of 6 April, 2013 so we can comprehend the extent of non compliance with procedures during this short period of 2 hours.

This review should not take more than a week. However, as time is of the essence and GCD is not known to react positively or urgently to demand for information from residents generally, we shall recommend all members of GCROA to withhold the payment of security service charges until we have concluded this review. 

Two burglaries have been reported to the Polis. The first case was at No.5, Damar Bayu 3B and the second case was at Damar Bayu 5. As the approximate time of occurrence can be determined in the case of DB3B, with the help of the neighbor, we shall focus on this case.


I attended the meeting with the investigating officer from the Balai Polis Pandamaran at the request of the owner of DB3B. The neighbor of DB3B,  provided a fair description of the vehicle, that is a dark colored (most likely BLACK) van with a sliding door. He is unable to identify the make, model or the number plate of the vehicle. The neighbor believes there were three members in the gang and they seemed to be in uniform – short pants and baseball caps. Same shirt perhaps. I have been informed that there was a party during that evening over in P1.


a. You may wish to check whether the host of the party used a catering service and, if yes, the type of uniform the staff wore and the vehicle(s) used, and 

b. Report to us whether a vehicle that matches or somewhat matches the vehicle described can be detected in the CCTV recording of the entry and exit gates during this 2-hour period. 

It has been observed that a number of residents are using the left-hand lane. The security guards have condoned this conduct by being ever willing to open the gate for these residents. We have also seen visitors using the right hand lane. This misuse of the lanes has been allowed to go on by GCD.

Compile a list of ALL vehicles that went through both lanes at the guardhouse as recorded by the CCTV camera during the 2-hour period, and

a. Determine the number of residents’ vehicles that went through the left lane. No further action is required on your part. We will  deal with NGF since you have failed to properly address this issue while watching this happen.

b. In respect of ALL visitors recorded by the camera during this 2-hour period, compare with the record of visitors kept by NGF guards to determine the following:

i) Number of Vehicles that were not registered, and

ii) For vehicles that were registered, check with the owners to determine whether they had received phone call(s)  from the security guards to seek their permission to allow the visitor(s) in. Report the number of cases where no calls were placed by the guards during this period.

3.  What is GCD’s policy regarding ‘Gate C’ where many residents have observed is being used by staff of GCD, residents and visitors (unrecorded)? 

Thank you

Johann Foo
President, GCROA

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